IMPORTANT UPDATE regarding European players not earning OWL Grand Finals rewards (spray and Tracer Skins)

Did work for me :+1:

I tested with friend that didn’t change the password, and it unlocked the skins and spray for him, so technically all you need to do is see the skin in game (or maybe it’s fixed already)

That was the case for me.
I could equip and play with it on American and Asian servers, but as soon as I switched back to EU, I would have the basic Tracer skin equipped and it was gone from the Hero Gallery :sweat_smile:

Do you have to reset your battlenet password or your ps4 account password?

I play on PC so I’m not sure about PS4

No. Just go to connections like he says in the opening post.

It helped for me, thx!

With a password reset, am I able to set it to the same password again?

I changed mine back to how it originally was

Unlinking and relinking your Blizzard BattleNet account to your PlayStation Network account should be the best option for PS4 players.

I changed my password but it didnt work for me.
Also unlike others the skins didnt show up on any other servers.
But i was watching on the OWL website and received a lot of tokens but not the skin or the spray.

Thank you very much WyomingMyst! It worked for me (PC) and I am so happy! I’ve been contacting support for the last 4 days about this. Glad everything works now.

What? They haven’t even fixed this yet?

I just checked and the skins + the spray are there without having to do anything.

I have still not gotten anything since the tournament end. Tried relog and everything nothing works

Hi Wyoming,

Thank you for your help as always! And sorry for hijacking this but I didn’t know how else to reach you.

Can you ask if there was another way to get the contender skins besides watching? Like can we spend money on them?

Hey there, I am still investigating this, but it looks like only watching on the Contenders website is the way to earn these skins.

The two methods you mentioned, did not work for me. I changed regions back and forth and changed password. Nothing got shown…

I just logined into a game and got some Genji stuff for watching OWL. Thanks, but I never watched that, hehe.

All players receive the Genji Overwatch Contenders skin for free for logging into the Overwatch Game Client. You did not need to watch any of Overwatch Contenders.

However you can earn the Symmetra and the Mercy Overwatch Contenders skins if you start watching Overwatch Contenders at when it is broadcasting live. Details in the pinned thread here:

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Tracer skins (the white one, because I already had the grey since the Twitch times) and the spray appreared on my account at last, without any change of password, so I’m glad!

But my Doomfist “thunder” still missing, and I put some internal assistance tickets, posts in two forums (here and Europe), and Twitter, and nobody answer… And neither helps or fix anything, and these posts still sinking.
What is happening with the “help” to the users? They really read my reports? Because some of the answers are totally random (not related to the issue), even they don’t say my name right… :upside_down_face:

They didn’t admit that their OW League app broken so I didn’t even receive Tracer rewards too, I need a correct answer about my eligible for Tracer spray & Final League 2020 skins