*Important* OW2: About Phone Numbers

nah that ain’t true. smurfs like to have an inactive GM account to brag about.

dedicated smurfs will find a way. but the vast majority of smurfs couldn’t be bothered to get another phone number, grind another battlepass, or pay for the new (and likely meta) heroes again

Hard disagree.

If people are under 18, they can ask to use their parent/guardian phone number.

If they’re over 18, most countries have a very cheap budget phone plan ($10 a month).

If they can afford a computer to play OW, they can afford a cheap phone plan to play it… :wink:

It shouldn’t be a requirement to pay for a phone plan to play a game that isn’t for phones, period.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: this should only be required to be eligible for competitive play.


Prepaid phone numbers required contract so if not useing your whole Family or friends phone numbers then the only thing that the smurf can do is buy new phone with phone number and do another contract to pay.

Besides that their problem how to smurf :joy:

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na, quickplay will be higher quality too theoreticaly.

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That was back when Blizzard made money from people buying accounts, things are different now so now they are a problem.


those quickplay pharmercy’s and widows :rage: :rage: :rage:

Post history…2018, 2 posts, then became active in the last hour. Hi alt account! :slight_smile:

Why aren’t you posting on your main? :wink:

Also, as OW2 is F2P I would rather the phone check to protect the integrity of the game for all of us… :wink:

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IMHO, the mode doesn’t matter. A person in QP or Arcade doesn’t want a bad actor in their game any more than someone in Comp does.


I would limit the SMS requirement only for competitive. There isn’t much of a reason to lock everything else behind phone verification.


Except that thing was always an option. Now it isn’t.

My take is pretty much this guys.

We don’t know if people are at their lowest, financially stable or are on a prepaid thats deemed unacceptable.

It screws over legitimate new people who would want to try the game and people who purchased Overwatch 1 as a base product.


true but now that i think about it most smurfs care about smurfing in comp so if comp is locked behind SMS protect there’d probably be barely any smurfs grinding their way through qp only to not be able to play comp anyway


tweet about this tag people like broyouwack and stylosa and youroverwatch to get them to rise awareness of this sort of thing its the best way to do it


38% of Americans uses a no-contract pre-paid plan.


I think this is great overall. However, I think it will hurt the game in the long run. My friend’s kids are teens now, but they started playing OW in their pre-teens, without a phone. Sure you may say mom and dad have a phone they could use, but what if someone has 3 or 4 kids? All wanting to play? Should they share an account? What if they have more than one console and want to play? Some kids have phones that don’t have SMS or internet, they’re just for emergencies, meaning, they have good parents… :wink:

This really limits the marketability of the game. If there was a game that I’ve never played that required SMS auth on my phone, I just wouldn’t bother. Or trying to convince a friend or two to play who aren’t that interested but you feel they would love it if they tried, it may just be too much of a hassle.

The market is extremally saturated with video games. As soon as you start raising the barrier to entry, you won’t attract the masses. Games that don’t attract the masses end up dying in the long run. I can’t compete with the top 1000 players, but I can with everyone else, but as soon as new players start disappearing, those top 1000 players are going to get matched with everyone else and cause casuals to leave the game.

This is the same reason that I don’t play Apex Legends. I love that game, a lot, but there just isn’t enough general non-pro population playing to make it worth my time. I can’t compete in non competitive games to the point where it’s loss, loss, loss, loss.

Another game I really loved was Tribes (pretty much every version) but as soon as the general population dwindled and only the pros were left, it was no longer fun. You just get toasted as soon as you try to do something.

Overall, like the majority said, any comp mode should be locked in SMS.


youroverwatch and broyouwack are giga shills stylosa is a lot more objective


I am, too. I thought it was only me. I don’t have a use for a phone(I just get a burner if I ever really need one), and find them stupid and addictive, so I don’t have one. Turns out there are tens of us! Tens!


I am sitting here laughing to myself because Im probably gonna have to call blizz support to find out why I cant get my number in and if I can’t, then I cant even go back to OW1 cause they are shutting that down so I can’t play any Overwatch either way.


Griefers & smurfs impact competitive mode much more negatively than they do in qp and arcade, because they want to disrupt ranked matches. Losing to griefers or smurfs in qp/arcade is not nearly as big of a deal, and maybe it’s just me but I seem to have encountered a lot more smurfs and griefers in comp than other modes.