IMPORTANT! Last four Contenders broadcasts this week!

Hey everyone,

Just as a quick reminder, we are now at the final four Overwatch Contenders broadcast for the month of October (and from what I understand the last week of broadcasts for Contenders in 2021). The remaining matches this week are…

Friday, October 15th @ 9:00 PM- :cn:- Playoffs Day 1
Sunday, October 17th @ 1:00 AM - :cn:- Playoffs Day 2
Monday, October 18th @ 1:00 AM - :cn:- Playoffs Grand Finals
Thursday, October 21st @ 8:00 AM - :australia:- Playoffs Grand Finals

Overwatch Contenders China is live now (at the time of my post). This is your last chance to earn the Mei and Winston Contenders Home & Away Epic skins. You must watch 5 hours to earn Mei (which is now appearing in the game client), and 10 hours to earn Winston. After today’s broadcast, I do not believe there will be enough remaining hours to earn both skins if you do not have any hours clocked already.

As always if you need help, be sure to review my Overwatch Streaming Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting thread pinned at the top of the forum.


Uh oh, I have to get my hours in. I didn’t even know contenders was still going!

Thank you!