IMD and Latency increasing out of nowhere

Hello, so i’ve noticed that my ping is higher than usual. :slightly_frowning_face:

  • Basically i always play in around 20 to 40 ms (latency) and 20/22 ms (IND) every day. But yesterday, both of them increased, it was first only the latency who were 40-60 ms constantly, and then today i noticed my IMD is increasing weirdly, it went from a constant 20 ms to 80 ms, which makes me lag and not be able to play correctly.

  • I have restarted my router, checked for updates and all that stuff, but it still doesn’t work.

  • The weird thing is that it was working normally last week, and also, that my latency is perfectly fine when i play other games or when i use other devices like my tablet for instance.

This is starting to be kind of annoying for me to play because i see people (or myself) teleporting, which never happened before knowing i have a stable internet.

TL;DR: My latency and IMD are way higher than usual, it never happened before, i tried all i could and it’s still the same.

Thank you in advance to whoever can help me :slight_smile:

Connection troubleshooting requires a WinMTR.