Imagine trying to get hyped for OW2

I actually think I’ve given up, lmao. At one point I was like “They can’t just radically change Overwatch 2 AND take Overwatch 1 from me!”, but no, it looks like they can.

Though, I do have some ideas for solutions on my “keeping OW1” problem, but I don’t think I can mention it here without getting banned.


At this point, I’ve lost my enthusiasm for the game. I know that it’s still subject to change, but the current philosophy they’re operating under is very unappealing for me. I’ll try the PvE and I’ll try the new heroes and maps, but I won’t stick with it.

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Yeah thinking tanks should be able to play the game is such a crazy philosophy

that less healing after combat thing does seem wacked. hopefully its a “work in progress” or a place holder before the game comes out. i kind of take him seriously since he had experience with it during that test and i think he is an e-sport pro? dont know who he is really im not a big owl fan

Now I know your takes are vapid.

I have said this before but this is why OW2 should have had completely new heroes (assuming it needs a sequel on the firs place)
When ppl get attached to something, any radical changes becomes a problem for them.

If the devs actually have payed attention to the community they woudl have foreseen it.

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Or at the very least, the character should still have some part of them that feels like their old self.

Examples from the same game:

  • Aatrox from League of Legends: he’s considered one of the worst reworks because they removed the entirety of his kit, and his gimmick of being unkillable for a few seconds.
  • Fiddlesticks from League of Legends: is considered a rework that actually made the champion better, and while a lot of people miss being able to chain FEAR crows, most agree that his changes were a net positive (and made him actually scary).

That’s the problem with Overwatch, reworks feel like new heroes entirely, and while some of them are rather positive (Torbjorn, ~Mercy, and ~Bastion), some make the character have an identity crisis (Symmetra, Reaper, and Hanzo).

How is that a bad change?
Seriously, it sucked how much power the support had and it made support healbots. And yeah, we got accustomed to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s what it should be.

Not hyped…just a certain sort of morbid curiousity that grows by the day…
I’m expecting great things. One way, or the other.

Not going to happen for a very simple reason:
They still need Tank and Support players for a short 5v5 DPS Q.
That’s also why I doubt that we will ever get a 2/2/2 Role Q Classic mode.

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I explained why it’s a bad idea in detail on this post:

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I don’t think this will go thorugh, they are just trying to figure out and implement some “dynamic” stats with it , but they will realise that it will become just like consistent nerf to overal healing. That way they could’ve decrease healing numbers for 10% and they will have reach out the same effect. Overwatch already brings you such a gameplay, where you are in constant combat, so they can’t use that as a state in terms of dynamics.
They can use that for some specific synergies like pocketed phara for instance.

“I need to see it or else it doesn’t exist”

They are working on the game, what we have seen is not everything they have.

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Hahaha. I would say you are new to blizzard patches, but you got 10k+ posts. There is no way you can say this with a straight face.

The force stuff onto players we didn’t want or ask for all the time.


Bastion had a personal barrier in OW1 beta :slight_smile:

Yep, and in the closed beta he was still crapped on and never played. Weird how that works. :slight_smile:

Do you need to me to clarify something (Frankly I wouldn’t blame you, it’s not like I’ve put any real effort into my replies in here haha)?

I just can’t help but feel like you’ve missed and are missing the point, because I don’t see this how this reply relates to anything.

honestly just go, they have been “punching” you for a LONG time now based by your post history and nature around these forums, you’ve been displeased with the game and the devs since forever, what makes you think you’d be anything but angry at OW2 since you clearly hate any and all change?

They used to say that about halo back when every kid carried an xbox controller with them.