Imagine trying to get hyped for OW2

So what it means that if your teammates keep on feeding, it puts even more stress on the support to actually keep supprting them and it’s something completely out of their control whether or not they can actually do reasonable amount of healing.

Honestly? That’s probably even worse.

They could just troll their supports by walking into dva’s 0.4 damage pellets to keep themselves in combat indefinitely.

Supports will need an overall healing buff, yes. It was weird that they released that reduced healing thing while keeping current healing amount.

Wait, you’re telling me Inspire will be permanently nerfed to be doing 11 healing per sec ?..

Since you necessarily HAVE to engage in combat to proc it. That’s 1 entire HP more than the payload healing you

Yeah they better have a good Brig rework coming up


Don’t forget that they removed bash stun and it now only does 40dmg, according to Super.


Yope. Finally other dps heroes will have chances to hit spotlight.

Was the 40 damage something spotted in the OWL match?
I only popped in to watch for a second

and all I saw was brig using Rally then getting killed literally 1 second later :weary:

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I guess that fixes problem of focusing on healers during fight when they are less impactfull devs hope flankers will just ignore supports and go to kill each other :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is a mode that might be removed in ow2 to be fair

Just gotta keep poking the target who you want to kill so you can ensure they will receive less healing from the combat debuff and you can cripple enemy support impact and ulti charge.

I found my new role with dva: the infinite tickle machine debuffer.

Spray bullets everywhere every 4 seconds. Keep up the debuff yanno?

I also realised that deflect is going to become twice as annoying with this change too. Because not only does it deflect all the bullets back, it will now also debuff you.


And yet you dont even know if ow2 WILL have qpc

haha they are trying to be moba TF2 pls stop lol

It’s already bad enough that Moira’s ultimate is slower than most of the supports… in OW2 her ultimate is gonna be so slow even a snail will be faster



If you never engage them they will always have their abilities.

Engaging someone with their cooldowns is fine as long as you are capable baiting out cooldowns and dodging abilities.

Do you play the game? Players throw their abilities away all the time lol.

If they’re smarter than that, you do a little coordination to bait abilities out. Dive is the prime/simplest example of that, but I won’t go into detail since that’s pretty off-topic

This will all just be testing still as you said.
I mean 3 months ago, Sombra wasn’t even reworked. So things can change fast for sure.
They were probably just trying this change because it lets you heal up faster out of combat and reduces the heals in combat like they said they felt the need to. But I do think a more individual approach would have been more appropriate on a per hero basis.

Yes, but chances are if somebody has all their cooldowns they aren’t just spamming and will use them with purpose. Those types of players need to be engaged to force cooldowns.

Quite right. But those players do not make up the majority. And of those players, not all of them will land their abilities consistently. It’s all subjective based on the rank you’re playing in. I wouldn’t expect a plat or lower player to be consistent nor disciplined, that’s why they’re plat and below, that’s why a majority of the player base is plat and below.

Well given how they mentioned 2 tanks do the bulk of the damage (somehow, I don’t really see it in my games but then again, I don’t play tanks), if there’s a lot less damage then it stands to reason that you shouldn’t need to heal as much.

That being said… I don’t like the thought of my healing being affected by what my ally decides to do…

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Moira outdamaging Mercy heal

Let that sink in

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It can’t have no QPC, role queue is unplayable. People with a job/life will never wait 10 minutes to play 10-15 minutes. That’s almost a 50% downtime.

Only 8 more months to rework 30 more

Cmon man, u arent new here, u know how the devs mindset works. In their opinion it’ll work so perfectly and q times will be amazing, so theres will be no reason for qpc. It’ll just be another mode that takes away from better q times in role queue. U know that right? U remember that when rq came out we didnt have open queue for some time until it became an arcade mode.

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