Imagine if TP could actually save you from grav as promised

Instead we got the tp that takes too long to spawn, for it only too be pushed away by everyones bodies and no one can even take it out of grav 9/10 times…

Increase it’s radias so it can actually save people from Grav as we were promised.


I think the only buff it needs is a deployment time buff and as compensation it lasts slightly less.

Boom, sym is balanced


A weak ability doesn’t need to be nerfed to make it balanced.


who promised it would save you from grav?

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I don’t remember the precise quote, but I’m fairly certain that one of the Devs mentioned it as a way to use TP when they were talking about her (then) new rework.

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Ah. Well ive been in a fair amount of gravs where the dragon was marching towards us from a distance… I could see it saving you at times

While we are at it, imagine TP not being useless, unwanted gimmick that isn’t utilized even by select few characters it can benefit. And TP that doesn’t utilize easily the worst aiming mechanic in the game - shadowstep one.

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It should not be required to press ineraction-button to use it. Just touching it should beam you trough it.

No it’d be too easy for the symmetra to grief her team just by placing teleporters on reinhardt.

Don’t let a troll pick troll easier.

The part I love is… it never practically should be able to, yet they showcased it doing so.
The interaction range can’t be too big, but even if it were reasonably quite a bit bigger… Zarya wouldn’t care. She’d just pin people to a wall, and because TPs must be placed on the ground, screwed.

A weak ability that can move an entire team 25m as many times as possible for 8 seconds. Tp is a very strong ability with proper teamwork, it basically gives every character a sombra tp but constantly. It takes ages to set up to help balance the ability but it makes the ability clunky and arkward. This makes the ability more fluid and useful while not making it op.

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TP can be destroyed so I think buffing it is fine

They say they did this in internal testing. But the fact is you need tleeporter to be on your team before grav hitts if you’re going to save your teammates. It’s just too slow.

The potential for an ability to be strong under a specific set of circumstances doesn’t make it strong. Sym can already move the entire team 25 meters for up to 10 seconds, at every rank, and no one uses it.Making it a smoother transition isn’t a guarantee that it will be used.

Yeah but its power isn’t very useful to mobility heroes. That’s why it makes sense to make it more versatile, by speeding up the cast time, without nerfing something else. It could definitely do with some more applications.

I’d really just prefer they started with a QOL change for where the teleporter clips to.

This would also fix Reaper.

It’s not supposed to be easy to get out of a grav.
Though I do think sym needs huge buffs, I just feel like it shouldn’t be easy to get your whole team out of the slowest charging ult in the game easily. It’s good right now, as you can still get out of grav, it’s just not that easy (I’ve gotten out of quite a few), it should be like the vs zarya, hard to eat, but when done, high reward.

i agree, it should deploy waayyyy faster.