IMagine if people were counted as leavers if they left before the POTG showed

I mean, technically this would make no sense, but at the same time, their is no reason ot leave before hte potg, it takes longer to find another match if you leave anyone, so unless you are changing modes…whats the reasoning?


I don’t want to watch every potg, especially when most of them are not even interesting, and i don’t care about the useless cards either. I’d rather queue fast again and alt tab while it find another game, even if it takes a bit longer.


And again, i don’t care because i queue and alt tab until it finds another game.

never mind , i reread your post, i apologize, but then why not just alttab when the potg comes up?

The same people that leave 5 seconds before the match actually ends are the same people who scream about backfilling.

Some time ago, we used to have the final score appear on screen before Athena gave us the Victory/Defeat screen. Leaving while the score was on screen counted as leaving early, and a lot of people got 10-minutes bans and SR penalties learning that fact.

The interesting bit is that it doesn’t matter if you leave early. You are not placed in the queue until the match actually finishes server-wide.

I only stay until the end in the match for one reason, and that is if the match was entertaining and not a stomp like most games are so it can put me in another match with those same players. I leave immediately because then i forget about it until the next match, if not then i have to watch a potg i’m not interested in, cards i’m not interested in, and the exp info which i don’t care either, just to queue again. Faster to just leave and queue, and watch something while i wait.

If I remember right, leaving before the end-of-match sequence finishes doesn’t actually speed up the process. You still have to wait for the last match to officially end (or get your slot filled) for you to find a new one.

You know when you’re listening to music, and the same song comes on three times and you skip it?

Imagine you can’t skip it
Imagine a song you love never gets played
Imagine it’s the same 4 songs, on repeat, forever

That’s pretty much my feelings to POTG. I would rather leave than watch DVA blow another frickin’ bubblegum

well, that was what we were told