I'm skeptical about the Hog Buffs


Yea they’re good, but the fact he can one shot most squishes again might get nerfed more than likely. Why? Because he has a reduced time for when they get pulled in, meaning less reaction time for the team to help or save the hooked victim, which means more complainers on the forums that cause a kneejerk reaction

Plz dont nerf Hog again because of cry babies


Hog’s spread didn’t get reduced, it just became more consistent. He can 1-shot people he could before, just more reliably. And he can’t 1-shot people he couldn’t before.

(at least that’s my experience playing him on PTR)


I think now people will have to focus on WHEN hog is going to throw the hook out rather than just reacting to it “in the moment”. This can help people react quicker or earlier than normal, which is often demonstrated when blocking Earth shatter.


he was able to one shot them anyway you just had to shoot at the right time


It was kind of too easy to shut down hooks with Zarya bubbles and Matrix. Now you have to be on your toes, which is fair imo since Hog is one of the worst tanks rn in live.


I thought that meant his spread got reduced. Ah, idk.

But its not only that I’m worries about, its the window of time reduced to react to a hook. Zaryas will have a harder time bubbling victims, and various other factors. People will start complaining and I dont want to see Hog become poop again


That’s false. He can’t one shot a 100% health squishy anymore like back in the Godhog era.


you would be surprised my friend


I’m a terrible Hog and I can one shot Mcree quite reliably, and Mercy most of the time. Lucio and Tracer are very tricky.


Oh, he can. Or he just cheeses with that stupid melee cancel and gets rid of any escape you were meant to have.


Maximum spread is the same. Average spread is better.


This really won’t change bubble. Because he’s pulling the person in faster. That means you can throw the bubble on even later. Because the two seconds isn’t being used up from the wheel in time. I react from the sound of hook going off. Not actually seeing someone being hooked.


It’s a shorter window for Zarya to react anyway you slice it. Right now even if you bubble too early you will still be able to deter the hook combo most likely, because by the time it wears off the ally isn’t stunned/can react to the hook. The shorter window helps by allowing Hog players to potentially “sneak” a hook combo in the second the Zarya’s attention is elsewhere. It sounds like you’ll adapt just fine though.