I'm SICK and TIRED ( 🔷 LIST )

I’m sick and tired of people being sick and tired.

Suddenly… a wild post appeared!

I’m sick that Blizzard doesn’t put more effort into investigating their competitive mode to further crack down on throwers and smurfs, give better rewards to better players so they can play at a suitable rank for their skill, and doesn’t have a matchmaking system to pair people with teams who play different roles.

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Sick and tired that Hanzo is still OP.

While Sombra and Ana are almost Trash Tier.

I’m amazed after how active this thread has become, and at near 700! likes, there has still not been any feedback from Blizz.

Just goes to show that they only respond when It benefits them, not us :disappointed_relieved:


They finally did it

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018:


They were paying attention, I have no doubt. This is a happy day!


the next patch will be better man. ik and understand your feeling dude. when i paly zen and the crosshair is 100% on the head but the ball never hit… wow that just sucks

thats a line from dumb n dumber… i love that movie… unlike this game…

Love the new Role Que in General and the Endorsement System!

But it just shows that it was a bad idea to release a hybrid, don’t get me wrong i really love the effort Blizzard takes but if your team is locking supports for 2 members and even if just to one person you still might get Brigitte even tho you don’t wanna play Tripple Supports.

Which creates Problems on so many levels.

Then what happens is that if your team does not want to or isn’t even able to flex to 2 other supports or won’t pick some selfheal Heroes like Roadhog, Mei and Solider you will get get destroyed so many times.

What Groups will do after a week or two:
They will put 2 of their friends on ALL so they can flex to every needed hero, if Brigitte is played by the other players or your trusted friends will play both supports which eliminates all the issues.

Not much of a surprise but:

  • I’m sick of people picking DPS in comp without a tank or a support

gl with your game man
the LFG is coming, maybe things will get better?

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I made a thread that got 4k views. It was about Doomfist, how he can be very overpowered if played right. A few weeks later, OH WE GONNA BUFF DOOMFIST FOR YALL. HAVE FUN.

I love the style of Overwatch, but I hate Blizzard so much for making such an awful job with it.

We have so many loyal Overwatch players here but we’re forced to play on servers hosted on another continent. 200ms latency is about average.


How I feel when i play him XD

it’s coming

also that


they fixed Genji’s broken hitbox

yeah like Pharmercy so unkillable in console

Hmm idk about this

Yeah same but wait. Does color blind people play this game?

W8? you can plug mouse and keyboard on console? that’s odd

this. i quit OW a couple of weeks ago for similar reasons

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I quit OW a couple weeks ago for these reasons as well. Bumping this thread, too!

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I used to have fun while playing overwatch… but the past 6 months have been painful… the devs made great improvements to the platform (social settings, menus, events and all that)
But character wise, it’s getting worse every time… I am not having fun playing this game anymore… reaper and moira have too much range, lucio’s wall gliding is abusive and let’s not talk about Brigitte and the newly revamped Sym…
I used to play mystery heroes a lot but now… idk this game mode needs to be reworked… there has to be a way for it to be a bit more balanced… Honestly facing three bastions with an orisa and a mercy while your team has two hanzos and two widows is maddening… I’ll have to take a break from overwatch and it sucks

I’m sick and tired of completely clueless people defending heroes that need rework.

And the worse part is that Blizzard are listening to these dorks. Really ruining the game that is already being ruined pretty hard.

I’m also sick and tired of Blizzard not testing their crap before they put it into Live. Are they aware that you are able to leave 3v3 games beacuse you died which makes the match just cancel?

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