I'm predicting news tomorrow

Just a few things lining up

  1. Anniversary event just needed, nothing else going on in the game so news would be a good way to fill the content gap
  2. There’s a mysterious mini-competitive season starting
  3. We were warned that content creators would be able to talk about some NDA information sometime “next month” and it’s the 1st day of the month

Of course this is all speculation so don’t get your hopes up too much


…i forgot its thursday

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I think they might be starving us for info on purpose though, so we might not see anything.

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So to clear some things.

  1. You don’t know devs well, there have been a few periods of content drought before.

  2. OWL isn’t OW1 nor OW2. (And is basically the equal to WWE wrestling (with no sponsors).)

  3. Sept. 15 is day to watch if I recall. (That’s where hands are pointing.)

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If it were me, I’d do an Experimental with as much Overwatch 2 balancing as you can cram into Overwatch 1 engine.

Call it “Overwatch 1.5”.


That’s not bad actually. I like that. That’s a good idea.

I’d also give double comp points and Double XP points for the duration.


Man, we aren’t getting anything cool like that, lol. So depressing.

Oh hell yes! I would maybe grind another weapon with only half the effort required.

I predict…disappointment.


It is so rare that they give something that people start to be so excited about it
This is how down bad this community is

That was supposed to be a thing but it just never materialized…

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I predict nothing, they’ve been silent these last few weeks, they’ll reveal the new support later this month.

Other than that just sit tight and wait IG.

Oh a non disastrous prediction, nice.
No FR, I think they will release news soon about the BP or some new features we haven’t seen from OW2. I think it should be already ready to go at this point so, news about Shop, Mythic skins … something should drop this month.

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I would too, if for nothing else than the fresh tears it would generate. The tears on the forums are pretty stale at the moment.

I wish we had had that experimental too, if for nothing else than to see what would happen to Orisa with barrier changes.

Make the most of it, it’ll be business as usual soon enough. :unamused:

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This seems more accurate.

If I’m wrong: great, but I’m not holding my breath.