I'm overheating in hero select

I’ve got a 3070 with bad cooling i know that and i’m going to clean it and switch the thermal paste.
I’ve got msi afterburner prioritising temp and max temp at 83, ingame no matter what’s going on it’s fine, no lag spikes and the temp varies from 60-65 and 70 at most. but in hero select it goes up to 83 with fans at max speed. it’s not just first time you get into a match it’s anytime the hero select screen is open. If afterburner wasn’t set to prioritise temp it would overheat which has happened before where it goes to 93. There has to be a solution to this

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Do you have the in-game FPS Stats enabled? How many frames per second is your 3070 putting out on the hero select screen? If it’s going abnormally high on that screen then maybe try setting a custom frame rate limit under the Video options, or maybe turn VSYNC on.

if you are running afterburner i’d suggest also taking a look into undervolting. I had good success in undervolting my 3080 with keeping very close to same performance and drastically lowering its temps in games.
needed to tune/test it quite a bit though to have it stable.

but yeah, the “hero select screen” seems to somehow be a “resource hog” for whatever reason - like the fps are all over the place there.

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It’s low, goes to around 110 fps, and i’m actually around 45-55 when playing. it goes to 70 when I’m about to view the kill cam after i die. and then maxes out at 83 limited by afterburner in hero select. the fps also signficantly drops in hero select. It’s so weird.

Did you try setting a custom frame rate limit (under Options->Video->Frame Rate) to see if it helps? Maybe set it to 60 or 80 FPS (since you never reach that during actual game play) which will give your GPU a break during the hero select screen.

I worded that badly, I was talking about the temperature. i’m at a stable 144 FPS while playing with my gpu at around 45-55 centigrade, then it hits around 70 C before kill cam and 83C in hero select. The overheating is not an issue during gameplay, it’s only in the hero select and before kill cam and maybe potg.

Ah, I was thinking you were getting fps spikes during the Character Select, causing your GPU to overheat. If there is no FPS spike happening, then I don’t know why the temperature would increase so much on a relatively static screen like that.

Are you monitoring anything else, like VRAM or CPU usage/temp that might be involved in generating the extra heat? I don’t use nVidia myself but I do know that their drivers had a CPU usage bug earlier this month. I think nVidia has since released a newer driver with the fix so if you’re on their latest version you should be OK.

I’ve been playing for years and now starting to have games where PC just reboots.

I have my PC temp at 63 c while running which is great. However while fighting in game it reboots my PC. No jumps or spikes in Temp.

Can I mention that OW2 is the only game giving me this issue now?

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I’ve got the latest drivers. after i’ve googled it, it’s a bug that has apparently existed for a long time, it’s weird that they haven’t taken any initative to fix this. How do you actually get in contact with blizzard support?

I haven’t used them myself, but I think you can go to h_ttps://account.battle.net/overview (remove the _ after the h, the forum won’t let me post links here)
After logging in, in the top right there’s a Support link, and then after that you can click on Contact Support which will let you pick the game you need support with and send them a message.

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