I'm kind of disappointed that MOIRA got a cleanse ability

… When Mercy is the thematic best choice to be able to cleanse cc.

After all, Mercy is the one who literally invented biotics, the tech used in all healing technology in Overwatch. And she’s a literal angel doctor, with a design patterened after White Mages! She’s exactly who you’d expect to be able to cleanse status effects!

… but on the other hand, I don’t think I can complain about Moira being the one to get The Ability To Cleanse CC instead.

Moira has been needing some more complex decision making in her gameplay/a higher skill ceiling even more badly than Mercy - which is really saying something, when you look at how much Mercy’s skill ceiling has declined since her rework. And Moira’s a doctor too, albeit the mad scientist flavor.

I actually really approve of the way that Moira’s cleanse has been implemented - it really fits with her two-tone decision-making themes. Which do you choose? Damage, or healing? Ensuring your personal safety and fading out of a dangerous situation, or risking it for the sake of others and fading into one?

I’m really looking forward to trying out the new changes. Hopefully the balance team will realize that it’s not just Moira who’s in dire need of enrichment to their gameplay through more meaningful descision making and playmaking potential (I love the emphasis on good timing that they gave The New Fade). Crosses fingers for Mercy and Brigitte to get a second look…

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Mercy already has a rez. No other support has that. Now Moira has some utility which no other support really had. Zarya has a cleanse too but she’s a tank.

Moira is scientist. She cleanse.

A rez that you barely ever get to use - between the cooldown taking longer than some ults to come online, and the suffocating movement/cast restrictions that turn it into suicide most of the time, I have more fun when I don’t use rez.

Which is pretty… urgh, coming from an Legacy Mercy main who used to love the decision making it brought to her gameplay. I miss working really hard to earn rez as fast as possible, and I miss the hard choices that you had to make when tempo rezzing in the heat of battle. That part of Mercy’s gameplay experience is just… gone.

Yup. She do.

That ability alone is basically a second ult. No other hero has a rez. Symmetra used to have something similar before. If they want to buff mercy to be a great healer she needs to lose that ability.

Preferably by moving it back to her ultimate. I’m not saying Mercy’s old resurrect ultimate didn’t have issues, but they were all fixable with some simple tweaks.

I know that “hide n rez” is practically a boogeyman on this site, but in reality the only Mercy players willing to put up with the boredom of “hiding in a corner, waiting for their team to die” back then were players exploiting an SR bug (and an overbuff to rez itself) of the time.

Plus, there’s the part where throwing a fight for the sake of trying to get a “huge rez” made you more likely to lose the match in the long run. The main reason why players did it at all was because the SR exploit gave them a stupid huge SR bonus if they won, and barely any lost SR if they lost.

That’s why you saw rez exploiters getting all the way to grandmasters on winrates as low as 30% (since performance based SR went all the way up to T500 back then). That bug acually got fixed a week before they inflicted Moth Mercy on us… so I think it couldn’t hurt to at least try an updated version of “rez as an ultimate” on the PTR.

Edit: oh dear, I’d better stop before I completely derail my own thread. I must politely decline to continue to discuss Mercy’s resurrect in this thread.