Im gonna be honest here

Dont mind new players not having every hero at the start solely for the fact that itll essentially force em to atleast learn how the game operates a bit instead of picking the shiny one they like the most and throwing for their team for a bit

Think about it,would you want someone who has 3 minutes of playtime in training room in game picking your main?

thats just my thoughts tho


true true.

i do hope custom games and training room unlocks all FTUE-locked heroes from beginning like BP-locked ones…

I don’t hate it, new players can have a learning curve that’s more apt than being thrown to the lions with 35 options out of the gate but at the same time I guess it’s going to be harder for players to get used to some heroes, meaning we’ll have a ton of soldier mains or something :S

Is that a bad thing, though? It’s normal for new players to set up a “comfort zone” around characters that are easy to understand and can be relatable to other games. I’d expect a lot of apex players maining sojourn, normal FPS fans maining soldier, team based MOBA fans maining things like reinhardt, parkour/physics heavy game players maining Hammond, etc.


I’ve never minded starting with a restricted roster like in MOBAs and other hero shooters, it’s a lot easier to stay focused and get the basics down with a small roster. Plus, that restriction has sometimes gotten me to try characters I wouldn’t have otherwise but actually ended up loving.

It’s only after the basics are learned that locked rosters become a problem and that won’t be an issue the way OW is doing it.

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So much for Overwatch beign a game where you swap heroes on the fly to adapt depending on the situation…this throws all that out of the window

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It does not matter to me. New players would throw on any hero just by nature of the game. But guess what? People with 1000 hours who have been playing for 6 years do the same and we are not restricting them.

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New players already don’t know how to do this. Hell, experienced players don’t know how to do this.

I understand why people would want this, but I would never have stuck with OW if I logged in and saw most of the roster locked. I know that’s the case, because that’s exactly why I don’t play League of Legends.

A huge roster of characters will draw me into a game, I’ll try almost anything with a bunch of playable characters. Locking that roster away will turn me away immediately. Maybe I’m a small minority, but that’s my personal experience.

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I dont mind cuz im not a new player

Don’t know…i don’t play OW since the open beta of OW2 some time ago so i don’t know how they changed the game since then but does this mean they are gonna make every hero viable in a way bigger amount of situations unlike OW1?

You do realize that will happen but just with the free heroes, right?

You are overdosing on copium.

man its exactly this. i would not have kept playing

For me it REEEAAALLY depends on how the unlock process is for them. It’s not necessarily game breaking if done right.

Thinking that the game is going to attract Apex players. It isn’t a BR and Sojourn doesn’t even imitate Apex mechanics well anyway. No idea who the target audience for OW2 is because they don’t know it themselves.

One of the first things I did early on in Overwatch, back in 2016 was just sit in the Practice Range for about 3 hours and learn what all of the heroes actually did.

This game has a huge learning curve and that’s before you even begin to learn proper gamesense.

It totally makes sense that they’ve identified this as an issue. I have no idea if locking people to a subset of heroes is the best solution, but I know they’ve done a ton of user research and I’m guessing this is one of the things they tested and found to work.

I like that restrictions are lifted when people group up - it encourages people to form friendships and group early on. Thats a nice touch.

I hate that buying the Watchpoint Pack lifts the restrictions instantly. Dedicated smurfs are just going to do that instead, defeating the purpose as an anti-smurf measure entirely.