Im getting a weird moaning sound


The sound originated for me after i died as Moira with ult into the water. But the sound is a hushed sort of moan, its odd. can anyone else duplicate?


Huh…so that’s what happens when she gets wet. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I think you’re talking about the bug where characters keeps breathing heavily like they are nearly death after they respawn and and have full health again.


i guess, only had her do it tho…


It happens with doom too. Id respawn as him and hear him do a neardeath groan. As I recall I think it still occurs even after I pick up a mega health pack after being low.


Don’t worry. It’s an easter egg.


It’s funny, I hope they keep it.


I think I’ve experienced it and it’s quite funny. I have also encountered an “infinite falling sound” with moira when using her ultimate and falling off the map. When I respawned I was still screaming like I was falling and it didn’t end until I died again