I'm genuinely speechless


I know, it’s pretty naive at this point to assume Blizzard are going to make good balancing choices, especially from someone who’s played their games for nearly 9 years.
But at the same time I still held out hope that maybe, just maybe they’d get this one thing right and we’d all get the buffs we asked for.
But instead we got nearly 7 nerfs and 2 buffs, and to really rub it in none of these buffs were for things that every Sombra player knows she needs and provided feedback about.
It’s just boring at this point and if these changes go live (which lets face it they will) i’m going to have a hard time finding motivation to come back to this game.


They don’t want to change her hack because they have it in their heads that it’s a done deal.

They don’t want to change her de-stealth delay, because they’ve also made up their mind that it’s something that definitely is perfect and doesn’t need change.

So they’ll change everything else over and over and over and over until she’s either OPAF or unplayable.

Blizzard MO.


I completely understand because I’ve been playing Blizzard games since December 2010. Hurts to see them make such ridiculous changes, but you want what’s best for the game(s), which makes you hope something will happen to make it (them) better.

I don’t understand the changes either. Hack was definitely the issue and the buggy part of her buff. I don’t understand why that wasn’t the focus of their work on Sombra.

I know the community isn’t always right, but there are times we are, and them completely ignoring that is incredibly frustrating. And being treated like we can’t possibly know better is kind of insulting and, quite frankly, disheartening.


I think Blizzard also has a track record of “fixing” things that aren’t broken.


this basically sums it up, yup. they obviously dont know what theyre doing with sombra.


I agree. These Sombra changes feel like a stab in the back.



Yes. Because she’s WEAK.


Just play Tracer. Problem solved. Don’t get too focused on this hacking crap. This is DPS-watch, kills are what matters.


ok so im pretty sure ill geet some hate for this but, the sombra changes on ptr arent what we asked for, the community will most likely never get buffs and nerfs that they want. but the changes arent noteably bad, im a sombra main and have played her less and less because of her pickrate. another reason ive played her less is because of my limited time in fights, id have to translocate to safety when my locater was about to die or id have to stay in the fight for five more seconds. i personally think these changes will allow sombra to become a good fighter, and still have her stealth, sure there are some nerfs in there, but they are just for balancing, remember that one of blizzards policies is to buff strengths, and leave weaknesses that are exploitable (ex. ana with more amo, while staying non mobile) so for sombra they are lightly improving her time she can position and set up, and stay in the fight, in return for more care in placing the translocater, and being seen when invisible (also being seen doesnt guartnee they can hit you, if you move smartly, normally youll be able to evade bullets)



I can see Sombra getting a megathread like Mercy.


I prefer if they don’t listen to this forum, considering how they have been killing the game so far.


“more easily play as an infiltrator” are you kidding? she was better at that before?


Plus, I’m VERY sure we didn’t ask for a scout character. We have the Tab key/Back button/Menu button (depending on your system of choice) for that, we have Sonic Arrow for that, we have Widowmaker’s ultimate for that, we have game sense for that. We don’t need a character dedicated to that.


Being hacked does not, by itself, do you any long term harm. Meanwhile, you can use your primary to either kill the Sombra after you’re hacked or stop the hack altogether.


A scout character where the only relevant players are near the payload or the objective point anyways… ty Jeff


using that logic then every nerfed hero like doomfist and ana would return to being op again

doesn’t really help the game and is a stupid way to balance the game


Except it does because both of those heroes already have pretty obvious and glaring weaknesses, much like Sombra.


except doomfist was buffed slightly and not over the top so he would as op as he was when they released him

buffing so they won’t be op is a better balance then just making them op just because they are currently weak


Except the argument was buffing them without any drawbacks to said “buff” because the heroes’ weaknesses were already very apparently built into the kit,
not buffing them to the point where they’re busted and OP. Read your own argument next time.