Im confused about pharah changes


So in the dev update last week Jeff mentioned some changes to pharah i dont remember exactly what he said but he said something about making the hero more skill based and I havent seen anyone really talked about that or her changes on the PTR? So can anyone please tell me what Jeff was saying and if there are any changes to her on the PTR? When can we expect this update that is on the PTR to get to the live game? Thanks :smile:


This is a thread about it.


She does more damage for a direct shot, in return for less damage from splash.

Her Concussive Blast also has lower cooldown, and boops her farther.


She doesn’t do more damage from a direct, it’s still just 120. They just changed the numbers so splash damage does even less, so landing directs is technically more rewarding than it used to be, only because they decreased splash even further.

I don’t think concussive actually boops her farther.


Ah yes, the “pro” has spoken…

In other words, as Blizz said, she’s more of a skill pick, so the “pro” is correct, it is a nerf… you will have to work harder with her than before because she was too easy. In the hands of people with good skills she will be more effective… in the right hands, pros included, she will likely get just as much if not more ult charge by people who didn’t depend upon splash as much… only lower ranks will see the real impact.


They didn’t make her boop farther, no. But the direct damage is increased. According to the patch notes. Mixed up her launcher doing less knockback with her being knocked back more. My bad.


It does 80 -> 65 splash damage and 40 -> 55 direct hit damage (still 120 if you get a direct hit. It just does less splash damage if you don’t), and it fires .15 seconds faster (big buff). She also got her blast cooldown reduced by 3 seconds and it boops more.


Oh ok. I see how that works now. I didn’t realize BOTH splash and direct damage factored into a direct hit. I assumed they were calculated separately.


Yeah its amazing how people are glossing the most impacting thing, the speed of her rockets fire increase… that is very substantial and means in the hands of people with good aim, she will charge as quick. It’s only a nerf for a “pro” but barely, and it means its good for the rest of the playerbase so who cares what the “pro” thinks…


Fareeha, one of the top Pharah players, said it was a buff to flanker Pharahs, and a nerf to spam Pharahs.

Less splash damage means you can’t just spam in chokes from a range and get kills. You need to be able to get close enough to reliably aim and land your shots to be effective.

However, the faster rate of fire means you deal 20% more damage, shred barriers 20% faster, and gain your ult charge 20% faster, IF you’re good enough with her.

And the concussive blast change means she is more mobile and less healer dependant. Not to say she’s not still very healer dependant.


Imao these aren’t nerfs or buffs. In close quarters Pharah can now kill Mccree faster than he can kill her if he lands only [Edited by Blizzard]. Valkia is a pioneer of the flanker/dive bomber Pharah playstyle, so I wouldn’t undervalue his opinion especially since Pharah gets way harder as you climb, but I didn’t see a major difference on PTR. I think it’s a net neutral. No real change. If they buffed directs by say 10-15 damage to make up for splash reduction I think it’d be more clearly a net neutral but as it stands cb’s lower cooldown will help a lot.

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Yes - I saw that as well, pros used to the long range stand-off, and many streamers, will see it as a nerf, but for those who fight closer in with more accuracy it’s a buff, so play styles will have to change, and we know how hard that is…


B-s meaning bodyshot.


Rate of fire is moot. You have to direct hit more, so you line up your shots better. That takes time. In PTR I still fire at the same speed. If you go faster, you get sloppy.

The only time the increased rate matters is when spamming shields.


It matters when you get better with aiming


I disagree with her. Close up shots, yeah, you could hold LMB and go to town. Medium to long shots need aiming, timing, and prediction. Pharah has so much going on already with where she and everybody else is in 3D space, her movement and positioning – I’m wondering if human awareness can do all those calculations… faster and not have something fall through.


I tend to disagree. It’s not hitscan. She rarely stands still when making shots.
If the interval of enemy player movement is slower than your rate of fire (ie. predicting movement) + distance/time for your projectile to travel to target, you may never be able to aim as fast as your rate of fire.

Close up I can see it working.


And that’s part of the change - you either get in close if you can’t aim, meaning you are easier to hit, or you learn to aim better. The changes simultaneously raised her skill floor and ceiling, but more her floor.


but at a higher level of play no one is just holding down fire, and just counting on the rate of fire to secure kills. That’s just straight scrub pharah play. So the rate of fire isn’t going to act like as much of a boost for players who already have decent aim.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out once it hits the live server as opinions about the change are so all over the place. Pharah mobility is getting a large boost but your average player is pure trash with all of that stuff anyways. As most can’t even hover correctly, never mind use abilities to move around.
I personally like the change as she just feels better to play. I also think it’s going to have the desired effect blizzard is looking for in game. Punishes splash pharah players at lower SR and console without totally gimping a better pharah on PC, but just have to wait to see how it plays out.


You disagree with her results? She was saying that she WAS getting these 20% increases in her stats when playing new Pharah, not just as theoretical predictions but as firsthand experience.

Granted, it was on ptr so I doubt the live results will be anywhere as dratic as this, but nonetheless, even a 10% stat buff actoss the board is no small matter.

And I’m not sure I fully understand your point on how this will make Pharah impossibly hard to play as, as she was already one of the easier and slower dps to play.