I'm a die-hard Mercy main, will never stop playing her


I can’t help but respect your love for this hero.

1480 hours…


Sees playtime

Mother of god…


I only wish my Mercy hours were as extensive :rofl:


Same but for d.va.


Have you ever thought you might like any of the other heroes if you tried them?
It’s a shame to not play any of the other 26 heroes.


I really don’t get why people react so much to a small balance adjustment on their character when the patch notes literally say they intend to keep the character strong. If they nerf her too much she’ll get buffed, she’s like one of the most played characters in the game, she’s not going to get forgotten about.


So what happens when someone else on your team picks Mercy.


Now you understand why almost everyone hates Mercy mains? they are not even “mains” they are a die one trick, every single Mercy player is the same;

500 hours of Mercy only
20 seconds of anything else.

A support main is someone who is able to play all the support roster on the same level, same for DPS mains or Tank main.


Mercy will still be the best healer until they nerf or rework her even more. The Mercy mains that tell you she won’t be meta with these changes are trolls or delusional.


That’s… rough.

Anywho, I love Mercy but those hours lowkey stress me out haha

I couldn’t imagine playing just Mercy - you do you, though, OP.


Tell me the day you swaped to zarya 2 seconds, im curious! lol


It always sucks to have your favorite hero changed no matter how OP they are. When you finally get into game with those nerfs and not being able to pull some things off that you used to can be quite frustrating as you have to recalibrate your expectations.

The most recent D.Va nerfs were like this for me, especially the impact damage.


Nah i dont see 1500 hours on DVA ok? you are not being enough Dva die-hardcore fan! jk


The amount of D.Va changes from being almost perfect to being op and then changing to DM Bot and then to dive to now question marks on what she actually is in this meta is the most frustrating thing. I had to give up concerning about Mercy because two of my mains were changing all the damn time.

I mean, as well as that I started playing Sombra and look what happened. Any hero I go to try and be good at end up getting changed.


That’s the spirit. I wish many were like you. Instead of whining that their main has seen some nerf.


I’m actually curious, do you leave the game if somebody else picks Mercy?


570 hours is not enough? (most of which comp mode)


What even is that play time? I’m both impressed and horrified.
Edit- nvm I’m just as sad, only a much smaller scale.


I hope these nerfs are not as bad as people make out.

Otherwise you will be next on the chopping block for auto-bans for getting mass reports for troll picking.


I think you mean best support, not best healer.