If you're not out of McCree's ult in 1.5 seconds

You’re dead.

This is hitting PTR tomorrow


Wait it’s not in PTR yet?

This was just announced a little bit ago, hitting PTR tomorrow

Ah I see, didn’t realize this was different from the changes in the current PTR patch notes.

This is an extension to the PTR change that just went live with Baptiste. The change they made started at 2.5s. As of tomorrow/Friday’s PTR patch, it will now start even earlier.

God forbid anything about McCree requires half a brain cell to pull off.

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Brig isn’t much different

What, you mean that fan the spammer DOESN’T take skill?

Every Mccree players just internally convulsed in pain.

finally it will be “high risk high reward ultimate”, instead of “free reload”

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It’s messed up. They’re overkitting McCree like they did Genji. You’re sure to see the two tied neck and neck for top DPS pickrate after this :man_facepalming:

It’s already an instant (usually solo ult) kill for Pharah and Mercy, it’s even more so now.

Blizz: lets give Pharah 3.75 extra damage on her very outer edge of her effective splash range, oh but that’s too good for her, make McCree shatter shields, kill squishies faster than they have time to react, but take away 5dmg per shot on his FTH so he can’t kill tanks as fast. There, perfect harmony :roll_eyes:

I’m pretty sure this means… 550 damage at 1.5 seconds? That can’t be right… can it? Am I wrong?

I’m actually more interested to see how it scales with longer duration.

Considering his ult has mainly been used as an extra reload, I’m definitely willing to see how this plays out.

Because fast reaction time with a shield tank should still, in theory, be able to protect a whole team.

Plus D.va eats McCree’s ult for breakfast still



(genji deflect)…

not sure if it’s the right direction, but glad his ult got buffed.

Jesus he is going to be able to break a Sym ult.

I, for one, and excited McCree’s ult is getting upgraded from being a free reload.

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This is correct