If your a soldier main and a tracer is bothering you


Then just switch to tracer and duel her, since you will out-track her every fight LUL. You can have almost zero playtime with tracer and you will out-track them on a close quarter fight. Most of them know only how to blink, they suck at tracking.


What was the point of this thread honestly?


Just switch to Brigitte.

You can catch her in your combo 42 times, and 41 of the times you will just eject her with 5 hp and she hits recall instantly to get back to full health then finish you off.

But don’t give up! That 1 time, she will have taken a bullet from your team and you will actually kill her


Why was someone on your team not on Brigitte to begin with?


They switched off Brig due to bad Soldier play.


That she is a low skill hero, switch from something that requires actual skill aimwise to tracer and you will outplay them.


Wait, you’re being serious? Oh…

Oh no…


because there are situations where she doesn’t work?


You are so right brother :muscle: literally no tracer can out track a gold rank soldier. Just switch to tracer and ur better than every tracer. If ur getting picked on by a tracer ur tracking sucks enough on soldier


Just click on her head loooooooooooool


So Tracer is the best Tracer counter?


I’m a gold level Tracer main and I would like to test the validity of this claim with a 1v1!
Both a Tracer 1v1 and a S76 1v1


This reply right here is golden.

No Tracer can out track a gold rank Soldier.

I can’t even…


Playing Tracer tracking is the easiest part. Anyone with straight arms will have very good tracking on Tracer -> tracking is not what makes you a good Tracer.


You shouldn’t lose a 1v1 to a tracer as 76.


Huh? She wins that match-up hands down. Your only chance is helix burst if you do not want to solo ult her. And, well, obviously that is assuming recall is down.


they use the exact same tracking skill. best way to deal with tracer is not even bother trying to 1v1 her, just stick together as a team and protect each other and there is not much she can do, she will either buzz around getting no value or she will mess up and you can delete her.


What good is a Tracer with perfect blink management, that can’t aim?

Having great tracking is one of the biggest key factors in playing her.


No, S76 is one of the most annoying heroes to deal with as Tracer in a 1v1. Your best bet is baiting out healing pad, getting out alive and then re-engaging before his healing pad is up with enough blinks that confuses the S76. Because he does more damage, if you don’t confuse him with blinks he kills you faster. And of course you have to dodge the helix.

However with if you have someone to help you it becomes 100 times easier. Say a Genji or Winston or just a Cree landing one shot one him.


If Tracer players suck at tracking how can a Tracer counter another one? Wouldn’t you be caught in a time vortex of both Tracers not hitting one another and endlessly firing at each other and recalling until nobody knows what to do and oh no I’ve gone cross eyed…