If you were in charge?

1 — new hero, playable at Blizzcon and a few days later on PTR
2 — New short and new comic
3 — the goodybag with an actual bag like before !(I love mine)
4 — introducing, enhanced highlights : you can now rewatch and record your highlights from different angles : from another player, from placing your camera freely, anything goes !
5 — Hey this is all the Jeffs and Geoffs from the Overwatch team, we all changed our names when hired to be Jeffs or Geoffs. Watch our quest as we did just that.
6 — Next hero teaser. Yes, a teaser for a hero after the hero revealed earlier, just a tease. To really surprise you and have you hyped twice more.

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I’m resisting the urge to comment on how unpolished the hero reworks have been since D’va but alas good to hear they’ve got at least something in the works for a replay system

So what kind of hero would you be getting ready for Blizz Con? I would be doing either a close range support hero concept or a new Tank.

Move all heros ults into their E and give them new ults


in order of priority

  1. Add a team dedicated solely to identifying and perma-banning false reporters
  2. Add a team dedicated solely to identifying and perma-banning toxic players
  3. Pharah deleted from the game
  4. Torb reverted and proper buffs added
  5. Sym teleporting Torb turret bug removed
  6. All arcade modes made available from a dropdown menu
  7. All tanks given limited cc resistance
  8. LFG add option [ ] enforce public profiles
  9. LFG add option [ ] enforce listening to voice chat
  10. LFG add option [ ] enforce has mic

Speaking of LFG ,anyone elses is completly dead

I’d announce:

  1. a 3rd Mercy rework, namely Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State
  2. Sombra would get reworked again, to incorporate the initial changes for her that the OWL vetoed
  3. Lots of balance tweaks and hero fixes
  4. Tell OWL to suck up whatever balance changes the competitive ladder requires to be healthy, as this game, unlike what some people would love to believe, does not revolve around e-sports.
  5. animated short

Then, because you can’t do it all in one go. The following BlizzCon:

  1. Arcade rework
  2. animated short
  3. ???
  4. profit

I’d have a support that shoots aoe heal with his primary(also dealing some damage to the enemies), it wouldn’t be big heals shots, but the radius would make it not so hard to get your hands on, he’d(or she) have a jump skill, super high and adjustable fall speed , at least adjustable for a short period of time. On a rather long cd, a skill that cancels/prevents cc for a bit. The ult would be a massive cleansing, removing CCs on all teammates nearby and protecting them from cc for a bit, with a bit of healing, but not totally preventing from death.

The other hero I tease definitely needs to be Talon Tank leading to some talks, maybe the teased hero isn’t everything that’s teased.

I’d be careful about the Sombra changes, the pro’s weren’t the only ones a bit miffed about them, Rein players in particula had a lot of colou language about the race period that had them seeing hack go through their barier half the itme.

That was a bug, and the reason why such things are put on the PTR, first. Do remember this was also right before they pulled the rug out from under our big, German defender.

we going full DOA with lewd skins with paywalls. oh yea more maps and content whatever you say.

You know that actually sounds a lot like the healer concept I had only he was not at all Talon, he ws ME K A (made before the Shooting Star ciinematic this character was meant to be kind of a mentor to the gamers on the team.) a projectile based heaing that functions llike a shotgun some quick AOE and. Though I’m a bit dubious of ultimates being used as Anti-CC because if it lasts more then 2 seconds it’ll be infuriating to deal with but less then 3 seconds and we run the risk of it not feeling “ulti” if that makes sense. I’d rather it be single target E the ant CC
Other then that though lgreat minds think alike XD

That wasn’t a bug, it was a grace period that was meant to accomadate lag. Probelm is it’s removal is also what gimped Sombra as it made her unable to hack faster targets once it was gone.

Proper lag compensation is hard. Only a few companies ever mastered that, and Blizzard is not among them. I remember when playing Halo 3, I could have a full second of ping and still be able to put in a decent play. Nowadays, such high pings are very rare, but if they do happen, no game properly deals with it, and you end up with an unplayable game.

If I was in charge? I would announce that I delete the forum.

I would probably did something like operation health in R6S (yes i know i did’t exactly goes as planned) and simply announce the stop of any new content for about 6 months to take all that time to actually adress every issue that was found and finally fix the game with addition of some QoL changes for every hero who seems in need of them.

Then maybe after 1 more month the flow of new heroes maps and skins can continue.

But then this post would not exist

And because of that what you said wouldnt exist either

But the forums are deleted anyways

Congratulations you caused a time paradox

Get the Netflix series out there, like ten seasons XD😂

Comics in full swing😁

And a story mode.

Yup all lore for me

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I can appreciate that though if you were in charge of the Overwatch team I don’t think a netflix series would be under you control.
If I was in control of that I’d do some serious vetting, make sure Netflix won’t be taking liberties with Overwatch

For sure.

Let’s pretend that’s all taken care of😂

Revert Junkrat’s grenade size and rework him into a tank.
Obvious stuff.