If You Want Mercy Fun, Rez Needs To Go

Yeah there s also a problem ya know the weird mentality that s like if you have a different opinion they just try to gang up and you and attack. This isnt exclusive to mercy btw. Like just close minded people in general. I find it safer to just ignore them and not engage seeing as like i said theyre likely close minded people and will not try to see your point of view.

No thank you, Mass Rez was the most broken mechanic ever.

Here’s a quick reminder:


Ehh new Mercy is a lot of fun. We just need to have her be statistically balanced and that’s all she needs. The 17% healing nerf together with the damage boost nerf might’ve been a bit too much but we’ll have to see. If Mercy continues to perform sub-optimally like she has been up to this point since the nerfs there’ll be even a bigger tide of Mercy mains complaining about how their hero has been undertuned and I’m definitely going to be there with them since she’s statistically in a very weak spot and saw almost no play in OWWC

We. Know.

Guess why people ask for resurrect back as an ultimate?

Okay. I’m fine with this.

Rez is not very fun as ability. If current rez is only way to keep it, i would happily let it go.

Besides, i find it more important to keep spirit of Mercy 1.0 than keeping actual resurrect mechanic in the game. Current Mercy with current Valkyrie is nothing like that imho.

Some of us made another rework together. We brought our ideas and made a rework that puts rez back as her ult with more risk and gave her some utility in exchange for it. Here is the thread from Titanium with the rework suggestion.


As much as I love Res and Mercy, I just want res to leave the game. Coming from a Mercy main, Res is just so toxic, and because its so strong, the devs nerf all the other aspects of Mercy’s kit since Res has already been gutted.

Here’s a quick reminder:

Old Mercy wasnt “must have” tier. If you watch World Cup 2017 July-August, pre-rework Mercy era games, Mercy was picked only to pocket Pharah on her team, and thats it. Old Mercy was niche at Pro Level

Not really? You can spam that it was broken but it only became so as a result of an overbuff in the form of invulnerability.

It wasn’t the mechanic of mass rez that was broken it was it being overbuffed for no reason that broke the ability as it left less counterplay.

And if you want people to hide less give them a reason to stay in the fight and get value.

its simple.

having rezz in any way shape of form in this game is annoying not fun. every since march 2017 where mercy krept into the meta.
this game fun was strongly hampered by having to deal with rezz every single time.

This isn’t really a surprise mate nor an argument. Ana had more utility and sustain IF played correctly and with the relevant mechanical skill. Obviously a hero that requires a mechanical skill should outclass a hero that doesn’t require any mechanical skill at all WHEN played properly. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any point to pick a more mechanically demanding hero - this is common basic level of logic of the simplest kind. Considering OWL/GM/Top players have perfect mechanical aim, it’s not surprising that Ana was a stronger pick. This is the way that it should be. Below masters however Mercy was still the most popular and most consistent pick for support.

I’m not spamming anything mate, nice accusation. I’m sharing my opinion and the fact that you don’t agree with it is your problem.

Mass Rez was broken, evidence is clear. Mass Rez was the reason, Mercies hid, not the other way around.

No invincibility
No Rez behind walls
Rez will have a cast time (1.35s)

Would this work?

You have a fundamental flaw in the way your thinking back on mass rez and your just super jaded about it.

Don’t see any shred of evidence to convince me otherwise. I’m super jaded? :rofl: Mass rez is gone for I dunno how much time now. They nerfed Mercy and buffed every other support making them relevant again. I’m seeing Ana and even Lucio in my games again. Not only I’m not jaded, I’m actually perfectly happy with the direction they took for supports. Nice try to get an emotional rise from me but it ain’t gonna work mate.

I’m a Mercy main and would like to see resurrect removed completely. I think it’s boring. I think Valk is extremely boring too.

I would like to see a rework of Mercy to change her E ability and ultimate completely and not using using anything from any past iterations (no mass resurrect, no resurrect, no valk). Something new entirely.

Let me spell it out for you.

If was the most broken mechanic ever surely the pros would be abusing the hell out out… but they werent cause quite frankly it wasnt “the most broken mechanic ever” even in lower ranks people would demand you switched off mercy and picked ana

Dont waste your time replying trying to talk to someone with the mindset that rez is super broken is like talking to a brick wall so im not gonna waste my time trying to show you how she was fine until invulnerability was added and then later became a monster with the unnecessary rework that no one asked for

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“I can win our debate with evidence, but I’m not going to provide that evidence because you are stupid.” The level of hypocrisy is astounding. GL HF mate.

I know right… you have to laugh at the self-righteous melodrama of some hardcore Mercy mains… for pete’s sake… I’m almost of the mind that removing rez might be the best thing and replacing it utterly with another ability… the whole point of the nerfs was to allow other healers to be picked equally, which I think some folks are flat out offended by that she will drop in status… few things in OW feel as hollow as finally taking down a target then miraculously they reappear in like 5 seconds…


If Mass Resurrect wasn’t a broken mechanic, then how come it got removed from the game? I don’t understand the reasoning sometimes why people want it back so badly. The same people that want it back also say it’s when Mercy was at her worse. Like, what?!

The current situation with Mercy wouldn’t be happening right now had she never been implemented with such a poor original design, sadly. You think Jeff stating directly that they plan to never revert her would have uplifted this debate. Maybe that’s why they haven’t responded about it? They already gave their answer.


Fixed it for you.

20 ‘broken’ resurrects

At least people would leave her alone, she may have been at her worse but i found her much more enjoyable.