If you tell people to switch, its probably toxic

If the only thing you use voicecomms for is to tell people to switch, meanwhile you’re not communicating anything else, walking in 1v6, not tracking enemy ults, walking in without your cooldowns, not knowing where your healers are, not knowing where your fellow tank is, not knowing that enemy widow popped sights and hanzo is farming you for ult every single push, if you are unranked low elo and have the nerve to blame people that its their “hero pick” that isnt working, and not basic mechanics or game sense…that is toxic, i am muting, blocking, reporting, avoiding, friending, unfriending, you and then emailing Jeff himself directly, about you.


I’m pretty much evetything you put on the list. I barely communicate because nobody does anyway, I get killed off fast so I get off-rhythm and have to run back but get 1v6 instead, I often question where everyone else is only to find them dead half a map away, snipers headshotting me every time even without Widow’s ult… The only difference is instead of telling others to switch I am the one being told to switch. Which doesn’t end well anyway. My hero picks are never working which is why I can’t consider maining. And any win I get - I know it’s not my win in any sense. But okay, write to whoever runs it now.

(this post is honest info but is written for laughs)


I hate people force me to use ana, when that guy use genji. I may switch if that guy ask politely though.


I can’t wait for the scoreboard.

Unless my deaths are extremely high or my damaged is severely falling behind.

Or the enemy comp requires a hard counter.

All the while I personally think I’m providing value, will I ever switch.

People getting offended from advice, well thanks for letting us know so we can look out for that.

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trigger warning frens!

Do we really need widow and hanzo for this obj though? :sweat_smile:

If you’re being told to switch then chances are, 9 times out of 10, you need to switch.

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thats BS

the VAST majority of the people telling others to swap are themselves the players that weight the whole team down. next time you hear someone demanding swaps. check the POV replay of the player ordering others around and you’ll see hard inting and complete lack of awareness


Nah, if you are just playing a bad character against a certain comp and were losing the game because of it telling them to swap is not toxic. Sitting on ball dva against double shield getting rolled for 4 minutes is what’s toxic.


the widow getting dived by the dva and winston should know to switch by now

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In what rank? Certainly that isn’t the case in bronze or silver.

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Actually, that sometimes happen in Bronze. Can tell.

So you’re saying bronze players are right 90% of the time? To clarify that is the only part I was disputing.

Even in plat I think people saying to switch are incorrect more often than not. Example: My ball this season has 57% win rate, yet I am asked to switch off ball in 70% of my games.

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From my point of view, no. But that might just be me and my handling problems.


Feeding rein doesn’t have to switch, “you ArE tHe rAnK yOu bElOng to”

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Gonna disagree with you there.

Telling someone to swap to a specific hero makes you the toxic player. You are targeting someone with that toxicity and will tilt them or make them leave, and if that happens you are at fault for being the toxic player. People don’t have to put up with that and these days they won’t.

Asking the team to swap up characters / strats because the current ones aren’t working isn’t. This way you are not targeting someone while still acknowledging the problem.

Generally if you are telling a sole person to swap it’s because your team refuses to work together. Most games are with randoms choosing at random, you either put the effort in to push, defend and protect your supports / dps as a random team or you deserve to lose to the enemy random team.


You’ll always be hated for playing ball in the lower ranks. It’s kind’ve inevitable. You can literally wipe whole teams with your mines, stall the payload/point out for minutes at a time, get maximum value from him, etc. Doesn’t matter.

Bad players will always find a way to blame Wrecking Ball and demand Rein/Sigma, because their tiny little minds can’t fathom using natural cover or angles to their advantages. And then when you finally acquiesce and switch to a main shield, they either stand beside you in the open or run straight ahead and feed.

Usually it’s the DPS players and, ironically, they are the same types who NEVER go shield-break to crack the enemy tank shields. It’s cognitive dissonance at its finest. They’re aware of the concept of a shield. They will whine and cry and stomp their feet if you don’t play one, but they don’t utilize yours or stop playing Widow/Soldier into Rein/Sigma.

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