If you spam "I need healing" when you are dead I'm not healing you anymore


spamming need for healing while you are dead is gameplay sabotage, yep


No, admitting that you refuse to heal your teammate because they spam for healing is gameplay sabotage.


The same guy who basically said Bastion is a sniper don’t want to heal you anymore.
That’s some nasty memes here.


you cannot heal a teammate who is dead

if you look for a teammate who is dead and spamming ‘i need healing’ then other teammates may die.

that means that the teammate spamming healing when they cannot be healed is knowingly risking killing their other teammates… that is definitely gameplay sabotage.


Here we go guy, in the not polular game called Overwatch, in 2019.
You can be reported for hitting a key while you’re on the killcam screen.

Like seriously does this need a thread or something. People getting triggered over stupid things.


I switch off heroes capable of healing when someone spams it.

Honestly, I don’t care if you feel like spamming that ‘you need healing’ it’s annoying me while I play a hero like Soldier.


The OP literally admitted they will no longer heal their teammate if they spam for heals. That means for the rest of the match your team will always have a man down because of petty bs. Instead of acting like a child, OP can simple mute/squelch to no longer hear the spam and report said player, while continuing to do their job.


Who says you’re doing that? That widow is just being dumb. If they’re clearly out of range, don’t heal them. If they’re near a healthpack, yeah focus on other people need healing.

I’m not saying go out of your way to reach a person who needs healing. I’m saying if that person is asking for heals and you can reach and heal within reason, then do so, but OP was saying they weren’t going to heal them even they were just standing in front of the healer because they spammed "I need healing "


someone did this to me the other day while i was dead. they went all the way back to spawn and kept spamming while i was walking out of the spawn room. i could already see they needed healing but they just had to keep spamming. so i walked right past them and ignored them the rest of the game while they kept spamming. if they had stopped i would have healed them, but they sat there the rest of the game just spamming endlessly. you want healing shut the **** up and ill probably decide to heal you again. or, better yet, GO A SECOND HEALER. We needed another one anyhow which is why they needed healing in the first place because i couldnt keep up with all the healing that was needed and the enemy saw i was the only healer and picked me off. it was just quick play so if i dont want to heal an annoying little ***** then i wont. haha.


Then you loose the game. Getting toxic and throwing is literally the very thing that makes comp so, well, “toxic.” Be part of the solution and not the problem.


Easiest spam report. I always get thank you letters for reporting these toxic spammers. The system automatically accepts these reports because of the blatant evidence in the chat log. They dig their own graves.


Don’t be that guy that refuse to heals. That means you’re throwing.


So half the time the forums go
“I cant heal you, you should press X to show that youre low hp so i can get to you”
And half the time its
“OMG i hate when people spam “i need healing” when they need healing!”


Most of the time ppl die cuz of stupid move/position.
Thinking they’r some undiscovered pro-player…


Couldn’t agree with OP more. I won’t stop healing you, but try and make healers day a bit better by being a bit more respectful, we’re trying our best


Um… One is a reminder and the other is spam. That is literally not a contradiction. Either way, even if people asked you to spam, I would not do it. Even if half the healers were into it, there are too many healers without patience, flex players, or people filling the role that will refuse you heals. So if you want to avoid that, do not spam. Simple as that given it is one of the obvious triggers to not getting healed on par with basically asking them to not heal you. Lul.


How DARE someone get upset when you didn’t heal them


By that logic, I am allowed to get upset at them throwing a fit. If they cannot conduct themselves properly, I will discipline them as their parents neglected to do. No heals for them until they apologize for their temper tantrum. Rofl.


So overextended die alone and spam I need healing is NOT gameplay sabotage too? Ok.


I usually play tank, which is the only time I spam I need healing when I’m dead, because as a healer you should know tanks have a priority to keep alive. If I see you healing a Mcree while I’m been holding off three enemies then yeah you suck as a healer. I’m spamming to let you know that you need to switch priorities.

And also to the dedicated healers, I am sorry if I am spamming and you are dead. I always try to keep between the enemy and the healer so you live longer or have a chance to retreat.

Also, as a healer you should just get over the spam. It is going to happen. Just do your healing and lay off the damage, you are not a dps. Honestly you should hardly even be on my screen since you should be behind healing.