If you main brig. You are really good at this game

No honestly it was all Brig hate spam everywhere, and all the people fine with her were either rebutting it in said threads or were silent.

Why do you think so many threads popped up today saying how bad of an idea this is?

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As with anything; however, one side is particularly void of it relative to the other.

And people call us Mercy players a cult…

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Nah, there’s been a few loudish over the top posts with caps (quite literally about 5) for defenders but everything else is delete brigitte and posts literally calling people crap for even play brigitte along with the whole delete brigitte movement itself.

You are angels in comparison.

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Great, now I have “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour stuck in my head.

Sorry, I just got done being "/s"ed and passive-aggressively talked down by Brig defenders just because I wanted to discuss the whole Shield Bash thing in an adult manner… and I didn’t agree with them. So I guess I just have a bad experience with all that.

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When it comes to the forums, I’m more neutral evil. I’ll type my opinions while laughing at how ‘special’ this forum can get sometimes.

That happens to me quite a few times with different songs.

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Yeah, those are the few i’m talking about, i don’t personally like the shield bash nerf because it’s inconsistent since melee abilities should go through shields no matter the character, here’s a example of inconsistency like the brigitte change

Here’s a idea i had from another thread

I just don’t feel like typing all of my thoughts out again lol.

Those filthy bastian mains can abuse their broken hero and reach 2000 sr higher than they should, watch out people.

(Its the best kept secret in the game though, thats why it has under 0.5% pickrate. Don’t tell anyone else.)

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Don’t forget about those filthy junkrat mains abusing their OP hero to reach gold.

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But isn’t this a good thing for those who hate her? Why are people still so salty?

They’re flooding the forums since they noticed their incessant whining over a balanced hero has actually gotten the devs to consider ruining her.

But then shouldn’t they be happy?

Follow your own suggestion

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As a Bastian main, i can confirm this

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Honestly I am just tired of forum constantly being flooded by Briggy support/hate. It is old D.va and Mercy levels of… Whatever this is.

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Brigiggity is a skill heroine. I haz very gud gaem sens and pussisioning! no h8 plz

Simple, my dear Selena. People that actually liked to play Briggy yells at devs for appealing to hate crowd. Delete Briggiers celebrate they are closer to goal of getting rid of her. And both groups bash on public forum. It will die down in matter of week

Will her nerf “kill” her? Don’t think so until we get actual changes on PTR.

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I see, yeah that makes sense. I don’t main Brig, but I play her. I think this little nerf wont hurt her too much and will help her overall perception. I’d like it if people didn’t play her like a pure DPS and this change may help in that area.

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