If you don't think this thing is rigged

You are out of your mind.

2 accounts.
In both, I play solo queue, Hanzo 99% of the time.
One account 45% win rate on him. The other, 59%
This is not a little 15 game test. I have 398 competitive games on the 45% account. 372 on the 59% account. Other stats are extremely similar.

on the 45% win I can’t get out of Gold 5 - Silver 1
On the 59% one I have dropped to Gold 1 and back up to Plat 5 and 4 multiple times.

Comp system doesn’t represent your skill level AT ALL.

“you eventually end up the rank you belong to”

B! S!


When uphill battles are easiest games and expected are hardest games you know it’s completely trash system.


wait till you get to the point were people complain and you also have the sever disconnecting your teammates


at least on ps4 i dont know about pc. also i watch streamers and they never have this issue

This is such a good point. It happens so often too. I play out of my mind and it’s a nail biter crazy game. Win it just to see +19%. Then play a game where we get ROLLED. Like 3-4-5 kills for tank me and other dps while enemy has 20-25 each. -24% because I was expected to win that one.


And guess what team they are going to put you in on lose streaks now. That’s right the “expected” to win team. So enjoy your loser queue lasting even longer than before.

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Yeah it all feels like a waste of time playing a BS ranked system.

I uninstalled this game recently (been playing since early OW1 days) and play something else now and honestly it has made me feel so much better.


had that yesterday

completely rolled a team that had no chance

“Uphill battle”

get smoked a similar way a few games later:
“Reversal” (which would mean that had we won, it would have been the “Expected” modifier as these two are inverse.)


Screenshots pls so you can send them to Bizzard to change that?

Rigged in what way? Forcing you to a random rank? What do they stand to benefit?

Don’t worry, they will find a theory. ^^


Outside of OW’s trash rigged MMR system, the rigging I’m starting to see is increased latency/IND after winning the first fight.

I’m running nothing in the background, and nothing else is running on the network. However, they always bump up my latency after clicking heads with Cass/Ashe, I get a bunch of hitregs and shot behind corners, but if I switch to Sombra or another spray hero then no lag. Funny how that happens.

More play time for you to rank up. People are competitive and like dopamine. Wins give that dopamine.

I could be way wrong but someone said a while ago that if u get reported for cheating/aimbotting the anti cheat kicks in and starts messing with ur accuracy and ish to test you to see if there’s a software assisting you etc. again could be wrong it’s old info I read like 2-3 years ago

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An anti-cheat doesn’t do anything like that. An anti-cheat is a monitoring software, nothing more.

There is no competitive integrity if the game uses hidden mmr. If they are using hidden mmr to actually create your matches then what is the point of showing your rank? Also why is the hidden mmr not visible to players?

The answers to these questions are obvious. They DO NOT want you to know when matches are rigged against you. They also might be using hidden mmr to give high spending players easier games where they get carried by other players. How? Easy give spenders a low hidden mmr in a rank like diamond for example, then group them with other diamond players with high hidden mmr on their team and low hidden mmr on enemy team.


I’ve long accepted the game is not rigged, just poorly designed

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it is rigged with EOMM, just like call of duty. Its the same , they even said it today that their games are based on EOMM.


Please explain why I’m unable to climb in one account and I’m sailing having fun losing one winning one and ending up even on the other after so many games each?

If this is a functional system of accurately detecting your rank in the long run, why isn’t it able to say I’m a gold player or a plat player. Instead both accounts have vastly different gaming experiences.

The system is broken somehow from all the evidence. If you have anything to oppose that? I’m all ears. “luck” explains a small 20 game test so you gotta find something else.

i’m not a whale by any means, but i’ve thrown a fair amount of money at this game over the last three months.

it doesn’t help, lol

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Is this english?

It does.


?² You’re good? Then you climb. You’re not? Then you don’t.