If you destroy a hacked Baptiste Drone it activates again before it vanishes


!!-- edit: This bug has been fixed (Thanks devteam, great work)–!!

So hacking a drone basically renders it useless for the whole time it’s active.
Also it seems to remove the immortality instantly unlike destroying it (immortality still is active after the drone is destroyed for like 0.5 seconds)

Hacking a drone and then shooting the drone down however reactivates the immortality effect again when the drone dissappears.

The drone dies while hacked so it doesn’t make sense for it to reactive itself when it would not when just left alone in it’s hacked state.


Yup I noticed that too, I wanted to make a post, looks like it’s already done !!

(Geoff Goodman) #3

Just fixed this one, thanks for the report!


Did you see my post about an exploit that can be used here:


I don’t think people will do that in rank but that is still free ult charge for supports. To fix the issue, make the cars’ damage count as self-inflicted damage?

Edit: Actually I see that it was fixed with the new PTR update. That is awesome! Great work.


Hello Geoff, thanks for acknowledging the bug but the latest PTR patch from 1st March didn’t fix it.

I just tested it out again and I also recorded some footage for you.

As you can see there, after I hacked it the effect vanished but my 10HP friend here got healed up to 40HP again after I destroyed the hacked drone.

To be clear: if the drone gets hacked and then only expires without being actively destroyed it does not reactivate again.


I’ve seen it with my own two eyes


It seems that the short lingering effect simply activates on the drone’s destruction, and the interaction with hacking is not factored into this. Just a simple sloppy coding error, they’ll likely fix it before live.