If you could rework Mercy how would she work?

actually I don’t care anymore. Give her invulnerability and put the dance emote on m1. I would enjoy this, just stand in middle of a fight and spin around and clap. Fells as effective but would be much more fun.

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The thing most Mercy’s don’t realize is that she was the OG main healer. Her job was literally to stick to allies and heal. While other support’s were more utility based, Mercy was the only one able to heal that much on a single target. Now, her role has slightly changed and Moira has taken the role Mercy once had. Mercy’s still designed around large, single target healing.

Moira’s designed more generalist to that idea, thus she doesn’t have to swap to her damage weapon let alone the fact Moira has abilities to heal + damage other players.

Mercy’s just as good, if not better, at defending her self in most scenarios compared to everyone except Zen on the support roster.

Without abilities, nobody is able to be as consistent in healing and damage as Mercy is.

Do you mean damage boost? So few people use her dps that the physical numbers are extremely low.

i peaked at 3700 btw… I dont know if you understand how the game works but mercy isnt that susceptible to that kind of cc. She can literally fly… at this point i cant tell if b8 or…

No I mean the fact that Mercy does lots of healing and lots of damage with basic things in her kit.

She never has to stop healing. She only has to stop shooting in order to reload.

Nobody is more consistent than mercy at doing both of those things.

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It’s almost as if you didn’t have to bring a locked post into this?


  • Returned to ultimate ability
  • When cast, immediately revives the targeted hero and the nearest dead ally within 5m


  • No longer an ultimate ability
  • Duration reduced from 15s to 3s
  • 20s cooldown after completion

There. Tempo rez is back, mass rez is not, Valk requires careful timing, and most importantly, Mercy’s ult returns to one that is impactful!

Locked post? I’m sorry, what?

Peaked at 3757 btw… does that matter?

1 brig stun can damn near kill her… or mcree… or a hook…or orisa orb…or a hack…or a sleep dart…ect.

You know, you just help your teammate kill her and stop ignoring her

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Yes. The post you linked was, at one point, locked. It’s not locked anymore but now you’re bringing in a larger audience.

You must be mistaken. The thread was never locked, at all.

Or it’s because using her gun requires you to go through an animation to switch to it (and another one to switch back to her staff afterwards) and has extremely slow projectiles that are easy to avoid, and is overall inefficient and antithetical to her role outside of specific scenarios? :woman_shrugging:

Fun little fact: damage dealt as Mercy actually goes down as skill goes up, statistically. Though that’s likely because your teams will be more capable of defending you the higher you go, reducing the amount of scenarios where you would feel the need to use your pistol in the first place, and again, outside of those scenarios, sticking to your staff is far more efficient.

No one really says Mercy has low damage potential. But potential damage is not necessarily the amount of damage you’ll actually do in a realistic scenario. Soldier 76 can potentially do 171 damage per second, but how often do you actually see that happen? Is it that most Soldier 76 players, even the highest ranked ones, are simply bad at aiming? Or is it because potential damage means nothing without considering the context of how it’s used and other factors that will affect it?


If we keep the concept of Valkyrie, it could be a fusion between actual Valk and Res. How?


Caduceus Staff

  • Healing stream is 60HPS again.


  • Removed from Mercy’s regular kit (not a cooldown ability anymore).


  • Gives the ability to fly.

  • Offers 2 or 3 (not sure yet) instant charges of Ressurect.

  • No chained beams; instead, Mercy’s beam is potentialized during Valkyrie and can heal a single target 10HPS more faster (70HPS). Damage boost is also potentialized and Mercy can boost the ally’s damage in 40% instead of the regular 30%.

  • No OP self-regen. Self-regen is the same as it is outside of Valkyrie.

  • Guardian Angel speed flight increases 20% (the old 50% was really fast, but taking it off entirely was really bad imo. I think 20% is a fair buff since it’s her ult).

  • Valkyrie duration is 12 seconds.

I think removing Res from Mercy’s E would end her must pick status. Making her able to Res only while in Valkyrie would make the ultimate more powerful and feel impactful. Instead of AoE healing and boost, potentializing a bit more Mercy’s staff would end the contradiction that her AoE has with her design, which is a ‘‘single-target healer’’. Taking of the benefits she receives while in Valkyrie to compensate Res and the potentialized beams would also make her more easier to kill, but a Guardian Angel speed increasement would help her to fly a bit faster in the battlefield and be able to survive.

I wish we could see a change like this. But we know Blizzard, they don’t care about feedback. It’s been almost a whole year of OP moth… I’m just sick about it.

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Uh… No. The thread was never was locked. If it was, I would have gotten a notification about it, and I would have seen a message in the thread saying that it got locked.

I have read every single post in that thread and… well, I never saw a “locked” message.


Were I to design a Mercy rework, it would look something like this:

Mass Rez is back as an Ultimate, but with a line of sight requirement. That’s all I think it really needed, but let’s give it an additional counter to pacify the haters (not that I think it’ll work, but hey). Give rez a one second casting time, during which Mercy is still invulnerable but can be moved (per Transcend). Any characters outside her new rez radius should she be moved fail to rez. This also allows enemies a moment to reposition in response to her team’s return.

I like the idea of a Cleanse-style E-power that clears negative status effects with a small amount of burst healing (maybe on the order of 75-100 health). This would not prevent people from getting another negative effect in the future, as all abilities that grant them (save for Orb of Discord) have cooldowns anyway.

Given that Mercy now has an e-power and burst healing, I’d probably keep heals at 50 hps.

Guardian angel, Angelic Descent, and her sidearm are unaffected.

Unless she wants to use any other part of her kit? And while that’s true to varying degrees for every support, she has the biggest downtime between healing and using other parts of her kit, except for damage boost.

Or to switch back to her staff so her team doesn’t die while their main healer is off playing battle Mercy. Also, just about every hero in the game “only has to stop shooting in order to reload”, except melee heroes and Moira.

Moira’s damage is the most consistent in the game, as it’s both incredibly easy to hit even at relatively long ranges and doesn’t have to ever be reloaded. She also switches between healing and damaging much quicker than Mercy. The tradeoff is that her damage output is lower than heroes who require more mechanical input, similar to how Mercy’s healing beam is consistent and infinite but outputs less healing as a tradeoff.

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It’s a real shame how you’re taking everything I’m saying either completely out of context or ignoring important points in what I’m saying.

Not a fan of the E ability. IMO Mercy shouldn’t have burst healing in any substantial form, as that’s one of the trade-offs for her consistent output. I also don’t think she should have that much utility. She’s a middle ground of sorts between Ana and Moira in terms of utility, and I think it’d be best if she stayed that way. Though I would like to see a support with a cleanse ability at some point, preferably a main healer.

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I’m not, though? Unless I’m missing something, you’re saying that Mercy is the most consistent in everything she does and that she’s as capable at putting out damage and/or defending herself as other supports, and I’m saying that both of those things are wrong. Also that there’s more to Mercy’s low damage stats than simply “hurr Mercy mains are bad at aiming”.