“If we tone her down too much, we will bring her back”


High Utility + High Survival + High Heals

No healer should have all three of those.


the 2 other healers do more heals than her?


Do they?


Can you not prove your point with BS statistics…

Moira: 80 heals per second.
Mercy: 50 heals per second.
Ana: 75 heals per second.


She deserves a revert back to mass rez


I don’t need to. The devs got their own statistics with 100% of the data.


Ah, yes.
It was so comforting when they said this about Ana.

…waaaait a minute.


You just did? Lol

I said the other main healers do more heals than Mercy and backed it up with numbers… 50 HP per second is significantly lower than 75 and 80 HP per second.


And clearly you’re getting 30 resurrections in a 15 minute game, right?


Yep. I play a lot of custom games :slight_smile:


The issue lies in Moira needing the team to be built around her in the form of a bunch of tanks whereas Mercy can go into any comp
Doesn’t seem fair to nerf mercy just because her competition in support are all one dimensional

As for Ana, what exactly is she good for again?


Sounds like you’re saying the theoretical maximum isn’t anywhere near realistic in real games :slight_smile:


Basically… for once I understand you logic but I will never accept you wishy-washy, unreliable statistics.


first her rez isn’t as useful as it was from the past, along the fact that nerfing me “other mercy mains as well” we’re getting the damn mess up complain that we’re DPSing we have a cool down time, and i need healing spam is mess


Cool. Also your title on this thread is implying the quantity of nerfs is what Jeff was talking about.

When it’s pretty clear he was referring to the quality of the nerfs making her too weak.


what made her useful was her group rez during a match since it help people come back from the dead in time to be on point, but that doesn’t mean the change is helpful, although in the past her healing beam was only 50% that wasn’t the problem! it takes 1 minute for her to earn her group rez since that what made her special.

her DPS / AMPS damage was something that could protect herself from getting shot by other hero’s.
there are many hero’s who enjoys spamming the “I need healing” button before the game even starts and then starts screaming for healing after the support is dead.
they nerf the wrong thing 3 times in a role. how can they do this…3 times in a role. she is powerful, but now she isn’t it’s very clear she is a mess!!!


They didn’t say that, they said they’d buff her back up if they nerfed her down too far, they’re committed to their design choices.


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Too committed…


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