If we have "prefer this player", can we please have an "avoid this player" as well?


I’m sure no one wants to keep playing with the toxic. Or the spammers, or throwers, or just people who tilt and have a mean streak. It could even help with the Smurf problem as well so we can remove the MMR system in it’s entirety.


question, what do you mean by remove the mmr system?


Performance based SR


Looks like you got your wish.


We are getting it, and its going to be amazing.


It will last one week.


Threads like these make me happy the devs don’t listen to us often.


its back :smile:

this feature was available in the early “days” of overwatch but was removed after people started to utilize it in bad ways hopefully this wont happen again :pray:


No, what we had was Avoid Player, which didnt put them in your MATCH. Now its avoid as team mate.

So you can have the Sym, I dont need them on my team.


oh yea right… well not that it changes much. i don’t think you will have a problem if your enemy team will have 4 sniper main and 2 sym



No I wouldnt have a problem, I would have a free win. :stuck_out_tongue:


Considering every ranked match these days has at least one of those people this just seems pointless. My blocked list is already big enough to fill up a small city so I fail to see the point of this unless it just flat out lets us avoid all genji/hanzo mains.


The problem is, console doesn’t have a blocked list. We can only block PSN usernames, we can’t block them from online gaming.