If they're removing lockon, give sym some range!

Make the beam extend a good amount so it’s worth wile.

plz no not another moira beam


Her beam is already pretty lengthy, and since they’re buffing her damage she really doesn’t need more range.

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They are.


Its aimed.

20 somethign something


Geoff said the beam would be longer and bigger.

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7m? are you kidding me?! no

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7m is to lock on, which is fair.

9.5m until it breaks is BS. Not even Lucio can outrun her.

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That was put to punish those who got too close. But I’m talking about when they remove the lock on

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they is tho

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Shortest range non-melee weapon in the game (3rd shortest range main weapon overall), check your facts.

He can and easily does. I’ve done it without even Amping and I don’t even play Lucio lmao. Please stop lying.


They said they will, I only hope it’s not a “slight” increase, though. One of the main reasons Symm is trash is her short range and the fact that her kit doesn’t support it. The proposed rework gives her even less tools to engage, disengage and sustain a short range combat while taking away her lock on, so it’d better be 20 m at least or we’ll be stuck with F tier Symm until her next rework.

The new beam will have more range and more damage so you don’t have to worry about that. Unfortunately they’re keep with her bonus damage mechanic instead of having a Zarya style percentage boost or just giving her flat consistent damage.

It’s not going to be like Moira’s beam. It’ll be closer to Zarya’s beam. They’re straight up removing the lock on mechanic rather than changing it to soft lock on like Moira.

That’s actually the plan though

Funnily enough, I did check her range before I posted. I never said her range wasn’t the shortest, you’re putting words in my mouth.

Secondly, I’ve never been able to outrun her as Lucio. And I’ve got a couple dozen hours as the dude. I was speaking from personal experience, I wasn’t lying. Why are you so aggressive?


Her biggest issue is the range, i’d rather they take away some of her damage while giving her more range.

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If they took away some damage and increased ranged, that’s fine, that evens it out. But to increase range AND buff damage? That’s gonna suck.

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I thought they were making it like a shorter range Zarya beam. No?

The damage racks up slower and we don’t even know the exact range or size of the beam.

I wish this community could at least let the changes hit PTR before crying wolf.

Geoff already said that they were giving her beam more length.