If smurfs troll you and report your account honest players can get suspended and banned for no reason


This is a largely unfair community based on that.


As a reminder, there is no telling when a player reports another player (unless stated in chat), furthermore actions are decided based on multiple reports received and Blizzard’s investigation into those reports.

If you are silenced, suspended, or banned, and you feel it is unjustified, you must file an appeal with Blizzard Customer Support:


False false false false false. This can not be stated enough. Blizzard does no “investigation” and bans are automated.

I’d also like to point out that they largely ignore appeals and then cite the fact that you were reported for justification. They simply don’t have the resources or care enough to “investigate” legitimacy of reports.


This mans post is infuriatingly complicit. Please evaluate your moral compass.