If reinhardt gets nerfed

Right. Agreed.

Also, I edited the other post with the quote from Jeff, in case you want to take a look see (I don’t know if you’ve seen Jeff’s original post before or not)

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1-3-2 will kill the game the majority of your tank base will leave the tank category no one wants to solo tank, i for one will just refuse to shield tank or play DPS

Why should we as tank players be classed as second rate citizens because of DPS lack of adaptivity to change roles

The simple fact of this thread is that Rein is not OP he is just the only viable tank to pick right now if your not playing dive


I feel that way about McCree. They are legit going to nerf a hero with a low winrate just because OWL pros use him.

Overwatch doesn’t have main tanks.
Reinhardt is not a main tank.
Reinhardt is a hero that solves certain problem.
Just like any other tank.

Rein is balanced only if you don’t understand why he is actually op

IMO steadfast needs to go. It is impossible to peel Rein off of your team anymore, so if he’s in melee you lose.

You just need a stun to do it now. I do it all the time as McCree.

I don’t think they should just remove it, but they could nerf it if Reinhardt is planned for nerfs.

Well, the few tank player base would rather play tanks as how they are right now or play a powerful buffed character as solo tank?
I guess they are not gonna do it, but I’m starting to agree to play solo buffed tank queue.
I used to play Orisa as tank, I don’t play her anymore after so many nerfs.

Welcome to the life of Sombra and D.va :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh and if you played a hero who actually needs buffs like Baptiste or Orisa? That’s not going to happen because they see 10 minutes of OWL playtime

Hell, the fact that people are saying that Symmetra is a viable DPS that doesn’t need some of her weird nerfs reverted because she was used in OWL are pepega :clown_face:


Nah Rein deserves nerf. No hero should be mandatory to win, which is what he is.

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Wonder if this happened to orisa :thinking:

Orisa has received a mix of nerfs and buffs to her kit in the past year. Her shield is 1/3 less, her damage is lower, halt is less effective, Fortify is 10% less effective. Her buffs were to her base health, her movement speed while firing, and her ability to deploy shields while shooting. Armor changes buff her health but nerf her damage even more.

Sigma has also received almost constant nerfs since release. He lost 600hp off his shield, has a 1 sec delay on his shield, has had his primary fire damage reduced, accretion damage reduced, Gravitic Flux CC reduced (multiple times), his ult can now be cancelled by stunning him, had his barrier regen rate cut, and had his ult cast time increased. Only buff Sigma has gotten that I can recall was to his grasp being on a lower cooldown and granting more shields.

I bet all the nerf threads were written by the omnic invaders :no_mouth: this is a cospiracy !

Don’t worry my friend despite all the nerfs that may come I will always be your shield!


I… I really appreciate this. I can’t express my joy by hearing (or reading) those words
Thanks you

As a Rein main, I honestly will admit that if blizzard refuses to buff the other main tanks, we’ll have to nerf him. In the current state of tanks he’s way too strong. His pickrate across all ranks is absolutely insane. I love Rein, but I do not love seeing him every single game, nor do I love being ridiculed for playing sigma instead. Let’s hope blizzard buffs the other tanks instead, but if they don’t, I dont want rein to stay like this.

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I just think he needs an ult charge nerf cause eartshatter comes up way too often for being such a powerful ult, a 10% increase in ult charge is all he needs

I really won’t mind. Maybe we get a Winston and Ball at the top next.

Can’t wait for Primal buffs.

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Just like doom was and still is cause the mid revertes his nerf?

You forgot to mention that Fortify went from 8 second CD to 10 (on top of less mitigation).
You forgot to mention that Shield went from 8 second CD to 10 (on top of 1/3 less hp).

This is a Buff

Movement speed while firing going from a 50% slow to a 30% slow is pretty laughable as a buff… She’s STILL slowed for some reason?

Deploying a barrier while reloading is also laughable as a buff

This is a Nerf revert (not a buff)