If reinhardt gets nerfed

Rein had two small buffs & one huge nerf when he hadn’t had anything in ages the problem isn’t Rein it is that most other tank have been nerfed the solution is to buff other in to a playable state

He had a very small speed buff & was given a steadfast passive to deal with all the CC that people complained about those were QOL changes

Then he got a huge nerf to his shield it gave it less HP whilst DPS had been power creeped to death so in reality his shield is nothing now with the amount of damage that is going about

The slow mechanic in this game was broken as crap & made Sym turret OP against certain characters, people complained that Brig made it impossible to play Tracer well Sym made it impossible to play Rein with that slow mechanic as it was instant death that should never be the case.

If were gonna complain about characters that need a nerf then Mei is the most oppressive hero in the game ever & makes it un-fun to play so she need the Doom treatment


True, but you forget that Reinhardt still had a decent pickrate in the Double Shield meta. It wasn’t high, but it wasn’t definitely as low as the current pickrate of Orisa and Sigma. Right now does he has the pickrate of Orisa and sigma during double shields. Not to mention a good winrate along it. Orisa and Sigma are currently at the bottom of the charts. They could have been over-nerfed of course, but I don’t want ignore the possibility of Reinhardt simply being too strong as well. He did receive a fair amount of changes after all.

Anyways, because he’s currently meta are the chances high that he will be nerfed. This is something that tends to happen with meta heroes.

I wouldn’t label these as small changes to be honest.

He had a decent pickrate after the buff because before the buffs he had a 0.5% pickrate and was called a throwpick.
hence why he was buffed.

they were extensively nerfed (as I mentioned to you before) because they cant kill their synergy which I think is not fair for either hero.

he did recieve changes that made him feel better to play.
Reinhardt was almost close to zero before his buffs.
Both orisa and sigma are not even at that stage yet.
He was garbage and they made him better if they want to nerf him to “put him in line” only his shield speed should be nerfed or legit nerf lucio WHO IS meta again and is a must pick at high ranks and is the reason whyrein is meta.

yea right, hes unkillable and unmovable dmg blocking nightmare


IDK, as a tank player I enjoy fighting Sigma more (who actually has to think about barrier management and his ultimate) than Reinhardt


Well, if they can make double barrier work without people whining, one way or the other, I would like to see it.

Same with two Off Tanks not being Shatter fodder and all that.

I only “support” Main/Off, because It seems that the developers don’t know how to balance any other way, the way overwatch is currently set up.

But, if we’re being really honest, I don’t think any 2 Tank system can be supported, by this playerbase. In truth, The more I think about it and the more others talk about it, the more I think 132 would be better for this game

There are just enough Support players to make it work, the DPS Qs would go down dramatically and there never was enough tank players to support two of them, for a 222 system

As for what to do with the Off/Non Barrier Tank, we have two options

  1. Rework them to be more Main Tank-like. An example of this, off the top of my head, could be: giving Zarya more bubbles, but each bubble is less effective, overall. So, she can protect more teammates, in general, But it wouldn’t make her OP, in regards to her damage from the bubbles. Or, make Hammond’s adaptive shield an AOE ability for his team mates, but scale back how much shield per enemy is given. Things like that

  2. Rework them into Damage Heroes. Jeff already gave us an example of this, when he talked about them internally trying 132. It was something like giving RoadHog 400 HP, but taking his healing ability away (Don’t quote me on that, as I don’t 100% remember what he said, And don’t have the time to look it up right now, but I do remember the 400 HP part)

So, yeah, there you go. :man_shrugging:


I found the Jeff post:

My apologies, I was slightly wrong. They kept take a breather, but they removed the damage mitigation from it. Plus, I guess there were changes to his gun.

So, that’s one of the ways they could rework Off Tanks, if we go to a 132 set up.

apparently, in this comment, Jeff also mentions that they tried making roadhog more like a main tank. However, he doesn’t give us details on how they went about that version of Hog. But I’m sure that would be interesting to see.


Agreed, the more I think about it, the more I also tend to agree with 132.
Duo synergy would be lost, but at least characters could have strong impact alone for their own, because they clearly are getting a hard time to balance the main / off difference problem.

And the fact that they would have to rework theses off/non-barrier tanks to be more in line with these others proves us how much barrier tanks already have advantages for being more safe to applicate them in more situations.


Hmm, I don’t remember this at all


They were small changes in comparison to his shield nerf which everyone seems to forget about

Rein is in the best place he has every been & is one of the most balanced characters in the game people are confusing pick rate with being OP

People need to stop with the pick rate/ win rate crap it generally means nothing in the power of a character, i play alot of Rein & his shield is like paper now with all the extra damage in the game he is just the best tank to pick with some of the other being nerfed

Rein does not need a nerf neither does Zarya, Hammond or D.Va even Winston although i do think he need one more piece of kit or an alt fire, honesty i’d say other shield tanks need buffs i would give them a slight speed buff to start with make them more fluid

Orisa - Halt distance reverted & drop the cool down on fortify by a second

Sigma - kinetic grasp cool down decrease & allow shield to be thrown out quicker it is to clunky right now

Not a shield tank but-

Roadhog - a passive that means he give less ult charge

I’d even move Mei to the tank category take away her Icicle for a more shotgun like alt fire, a little more health 350 but back to only being able to freeze one target

As for 1-3-2 that is not the answer you’ll lose a ton of tank players because no one wants to solo tank trust me it is a horrible experience, i’d rather have two off tanks than solo tank

Speed increase and steadfast are preeeetty substantial buffs and he received the smaller nerf to his shield if you compare it to the other shields.
Rein lost 1/5th shield health
Sigma lost 2/5th shield health
Orisa lost 1/3rd shield health


He also retained the 200 regen rate.

I still think that his barrier HP should be lowered, but his regen rate and cooldown to regen and when it breaks should be buffed, plus maybe +50 HP armor and we are good.
He’d kind of have to flash more his barrier than hold it longer, so there’s gonna be more 2 or 3 secs down between usage, adds more risk to his team to be in line with the other tanks.

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Right. Agreed.

Also, I edited the other post with the quote from Jeff, in case you want to take a look see (I don’t know if you’ve seen Jeff’s original post before or not)

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1-3-2 will kill the game the majority of your tank base will leave the tank category no one wants to solo tank, i for one will just refuse to shield tank or play DPS

Why should we as tank players be classed as second rate citizens because of DPS lack of adaptivity to change roles

The simple fact of this thread is that Rein is not OP he is just the only viable tank to pick right now if your not playing dive


I feel that way about McCree. They are legit going to nerf a hero with a low winrate just because OWL pros use him.

Overwatch doesn’t have main tanks.
Reinhardt is not a main tank.
Reinhardt is a hero that solves certain problem.
Just like any other tank.

Rein is balanced only if you don’t understand why he is actually op

IMO steadfast needs to go. It is impossible to peel Rein off of your team anymore, so if he’s in melee you lose.

You just need a stun to do it now. I do it all the time as McCree.

I don’t think they should just remove it, but they could nerf it if Reinhardt is planned for nerfs.

Well, the few tank player base would rather play tanks as how they are right now or play a powerful buffed character as solo tank?
I guess they are not gonna do it, but I’m starting to agree to play solo buffed tank queue.
I used to play Orisa as tank, I don’t play her anymore after so many nerfs.