If new roadhog counters doomfist

Then life is going to be a lot of fun


Fun until he cancels your healing ability with his rocket punch over and over again. I hope they do something about his RNG gun so I can reliably get damage off on a Doomfist.


Where can you read about these upcoming changes?

Here you go

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You could just wait until you see him use his punch. You know like other characters waiting. Like not graving when the enemy has a genji and dva. Or not dropping your shield unless you know the enemy doesnt have earth shatter. Or using beat drop after EMP. Theirs loads of other characters that have to wait before they can do anything Im sure roadhog players could wait until after the punch.

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His E is supposed to be used when needed, I don’t just press E when I’m at 500 health, I’m usually at 150 or 200. Doomfist only has a short cooldown anyways, he’ll get RP back before I get my abilities back.

Sadly they have not told us what they are doing with hog, i am so anxious about the changes

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Then all you can do is avoid him or play more defensively

I find that current roadhog counters Doomfist. Hog himself is countered by Ana and screwed by discord, on top of his various issues.

So I have to stop being the frontline of my team as a tank? Because how I see it, that’s the only way to avoid him.

Playing defensively is great either because this is a character that can go into a backline, murder someone and use his other abilities to escape that we’re talking about.

Admit it, you know Roadhog is unviable against Doomfist.

Same. Most of us just want a damage buff to his melee or gun, (with hook bugs being fixed of course) but they’ve said they needed a new animation. So either this new animation is going to be a part of a new hook fix or else Blizzard is going in the wrong direction

I want roadhog to be able to shoot lasers out of his eyes and fly, Jeff.

If torb can wallclimb, hog can fly.

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I worry that the nerfs they will give him will outweigh the buffs, on hog vs doomfist its more 50/50 than you would expect

At the moment yeah duhh. Roadhog is weak atm. Everyone knows that and I already have to hear a 20min long rant from by best mate the roadhog main, every single day. Roadhog needs serious buffs but his design and playstyle can seriously hinder doomfist when its working correctly and good enough

You and I both know they’ll never touch his damage since the dev team thinks tanks aren’t allowed to do damage

“Roadhog does too much damage were gonna make him mroe tanky”

In the same update they cut dva’s tankiness and gave her damn missiles


I sure hope so.

I would love it if Hog got some meaningful changes.

i really really really dont want him on the roster to play against right now with the amount of CCs going on.

adding a range stun to an already stun/CC meta is really really unfun

he is gonna be put into a comp that does pure CC

he is gonna be put into some kind of comp with junkrat ana and brig like some kind of CC bunker cancer

I hope so, i want him to have a role he does better than anyone else to justify picking him

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