If Mercy is so busted

Being hard to climb with, or easy to climb with, has nothing to do with a characters power level. Think about our old chap McCree with his pitiful winrate. Ain’t nobody was climbing on him, but he was considered quite busted by the vocal playerbase nevertheless.

Or to use Mercy herself, back when she gained more sr for mass rez, she was a lot weaker than she was now.

Do not get me wrong, more powerful characters are easier to climb with. But so are easier heroes to play. There is a correlation, but it is not be all end all. There are parts of it that are subjective too.

This was just a really long winded way of saying that Mercy may or may not be busted, but climbing with her in metal ranks, specifically, as you mentioned, has very little to do with that question.


Rez and Dmg Boost is busted

So long as damage boost provides more damage output than her pistol, and so long as the weapon swap time is still as punishing as it is, and so long as Mercy can continue to benefit from settings like Guardian Angel Prefers Beam Target/Prefers Facing target, you will continue to see Mercy players using Damage Boost most of the time, regardless of how busted it is. How “busted” it is, as far as the flat percentage that it damage boosts, will only affect Mercy’s viability in high ranks and will do nothing to actually change her playstyle unless it’s gutted so hard that the pistol is the better option. To see better results, one would have to change how certain aspects of her kit actually work, rather than just flatly changing some numbers around.

Also - as powerful as it is to reset a pick on a 30-second cooldown (which is why it needed to be nerfed so much), Resurrect depends on the other 11 players in the game, which one can reasonably guess is largely unfun for Mercy players (unless the player in question is some kind of masochist).

Its success/failure depends on the positioning of whoever died, depends on the enemy’s capability to rush you and kill/CC you while you’re a sitting duck, and depends on your team’s capability of peeling for you. The decision-making involved in using it is often as simple as looking both ways before crossing a road.

don’t freaking lie i got to gm with that dumb mercy hero with no duo ik that was a reference to me


or was that a reference to ur self since ur stuck at 3200

now i’m confused lol

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May i lead you somewhere? :smirk:

Ah, yes, I’ve been there before. I’d bump the thread if I could, but I just figured I would wait until someone else says something I can make a real reply to (that someone else hasn’t already made). Otherwise I’m not sure how to jump in and it would be awkward, lol.

because the way she’s currently designed and balanced doesn’t transfer higher skilled inputs into higher value achieved well.

like her skill expression is in how well she moves and positions with GA yet that doesn’t play much of a factor in:

  • how much value damage boost is getting because it predominantly comes down to how well the target aims and target prioritises whilst boosted
  • whether a res is actually res-able because it comes down to where the corpse is vs where both teams are + how negligent both teams are to mercy resing which mercy’s movement doesn’t play much of a factor in
  • whether she heals enough to save a life. sure there’s some situations where getting to them sooner saves them, but that’s highly limited and a low number of situations. it’s still 55~60hp/s even if you get to them sooner and it’s still easily burst through and neither does getting to them sooner mean mercy can “burst” heal to then free up/force a window to do non-healing more valuable actions of pistol, res, or boost.

she needs a rework to fix that.


It covers probably every consistent problem with her still lol, and Titanium’s new video series on youtube is good at really ironing out current issues with her aswell.

Yeah, I’ve seen the video series and mostly agree with it. I have some of my own takes/perspectives to occasionally add to the topic as well, which is why I tend to hover around threads like this one here when they’re active.

You can be a godly support and still lose. You can’t really solo carry entire games as a support as you’re extremely reliant on tanks for soaking up damage and DPS to deal damage

The “vocal playerbase” has nothing to do with a character’s power level either. These forums are filled with terrible takes and misinformation.

As far as Mercy being “busted?” No she’s not. Not even close. As for why she’s hard to climb with, it’s because she is the most team dependent hero in the game.


Mercy is hardly busted, but apparently forum soldier is and they’re smurfing, so people blame mercy for characters getting overbuffed.


yes mercy is busted and she isnt a carry healer because she depends on her team to keep her alive and hit shots…

THIS, this right here is too true

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People hate rez, and they also hate the pocketing play style. She isn’t op, but I can see why ppl dislike her.

yea her whole playstyle is enabling others. thats why she doesnt have carry potential much in lower rankings but the higher the sr the more valuable she becomes since you start go get diamond, masters then gm dps

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After the Ashe nerfs I realized… “wow it never was Mercy’s fault and now Ashe is actually freaking balanced”
now we just need to repeat this with Soldier:76 and then revert Cassidy 25hp buff and we’ll finally be at peace (with the exception of roadhog’s existence but that’s off-topic, I suppose :flushed::grimacing:)

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Well other than known mercy hate, the forums is what it is, most people got the point of this thread. A few people mentioned decent points, others went on a mercy hate tangent (though they still failed to address the OP point on doing well on mercy with low sr gains vs doing mediocre on others and getting better gains in metal ranks.)

conclusion: chick still isn’t busted, her alone can’t do much, SR gains just be what it is due to metrics of what “Counts”

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Being busted and successful have two different meanings.

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