If matches are suppose to be 50/50 then

why are most games landslide victories or losses.

I mean the algorithm is suppose to match you such that you have a 50% chance to win or lose if that’s the case should not all games be very close instead it’s either a crushing defeat or a landslide victory.


It makes for faster queue times when they can just simply assign wins & losses. Not enough players for the ‘matchmaker’ to assemble a fair contest.

I’ve noticed a pattern: it’s usually win/loss/win/loss, and so on and so forth.


two things,

First off, the match maker isnt as strict as it use to be in ow1.

Second, 5v5 just causes more matches to be roll or get rolled.

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How does it do that given that ult charge is 30% slower than in ow1?

Because “supposed to” is not the same as “actually happens every single game”. The matchmaker “settles” in the interest of shorter queue times and even games that are 50/50 or close to it can be swung by the rock/paper/scissors nature of the game or mistakes leading to snowballs.

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Ult charge has nothing to do with it.

With less players in a match, it means someone having a bad day matters more, it means someone having a good day matters more, it means somebody smurfing matters more for a match.

The lower playercount just makes matchmaking more sensitive to rolls happening, as there is less to cover for a player having a bad day or stop a player having a good day. which kinda has to be an accepted evil of 5v5.

The reason why people feel like games are a landslide victory or loss is because the newer generation gamers have no tenacity and tend to just fold like wet grass when things get difficult / and get over excited when they are winning.

Agree with this. All my matches have been with new players. Probably the past 50 matches. Their common strategy is spray and pray. Head towards the objective, and shoot. Makes me wonder why they use a gun but stand in objective to take close range damage. Questionable intelligence.

Complains when games are fast. Complains when games are slow.

“evenly matched” does not mean “one-hour slog to reach a draw,” my dude.

Well if matchmaking went of in game stats and current rank, maybe it would be different. I find I can’t even solo queue lower than diamond or play with plats unless it’s a full stack because the stats don’t matter. You get a stack and my team 90% of the time is fresh accounts who are dog and it expects me to carry for them against a stack.
idk who needs to be fired or promoted for the worst idea ever thought of when they went through the work of measuring how good your team is rather than “you lost but when 60-2 maybe you don’t inhale through your mouth” Dumb you basically can’t even play tank unless you know you’re better than everyone there and are a smurf on a main because matchmaking chose you to suffer.

Makes for 50/50 btw. If there’d be no 50-50 most ppl end up much lower than they are rn in ranks.