If I was able to balance Overwatch


if I was able to balance Overwatch, I’d do this:


Remove his E ability and replace it with

Grasp of Death:
Reaper throws out a projectile (short range, speed similar to Symmetra turrets), if it hits an enemy hero it will cripple that hero (15% slower movement speed) and give Reaper additional speed when moving towards that hero (15% increased movement speed) while also granting him 15% more lifeleech when damaging that hero.


Give him 500 hp 100 Armor
fix his bugs


Remove the ability to resurrect.

Instead, instantly give allied hero a shield equal to max HP every 30 seconds.
Lasts for 10 seconds or until destroyed. Doesn’t feed ult charge.


Revert the changes made to his shield gain through damage with abilities.


Decrease the speed of his dash ability by 15%.


Give her 300 HP and 200 Armor.


Increase the range of her primary fire by 10%.


Remove all RNG weapon spread out of the game and make it fixed weapon spread.

So what’s the reason? He only gets 35 shields when he hits you with a ability, and before the buff he would get 30 shields.

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So so. Not bad. Okayish

Genji doesn’t need a nerf


I think Doomfist is too strong right now. I don’t know why they buffed him when he was already a very good hero back then.

And Genji’s ult is too strong in my opinion. And the reason for that is his dash cooldown reset in combination with the dash speed. So I didn’t want to nerf the cooldown reset, thus I nerfed the dash speed.

I mean just compare it to Riptire from Junkrat:
Riptire is good against clumped up heroes. Also it leaves Junkrat vulnerable while using it. It also only has 100 hp and is easy to kill.

Genji’s ult is good against clumped up heroes, it’s good against heroes who are spread out. Genji can deflect damage while using his ult and has very high mobility through dashing around. He also has 200 hp instead of a 100 hp and can be damage boosted or buffed with nano and also healed while in ultimate. It is just too easy to get many kills with it.

I also think Genji is too good in 1v1s.

I know he’s supposed to counter Zenyattas for example, but with a dash speed reduction it’d be a little easier to headshot him while dashing.

Genji atm is too easy to play imo. If you make mistakes, you rarely have to pay for them, because you can just double-jump-wallclimb-dash-deflect escape somewhere. Whereas if you make a mistake with other heroes, especially supports like Zenyatta, you are fodder.

Genji should be the hero who aims at killing people when they’re off-guard. Sneaky kill and get out again. But right now he’s too good at just running straight towards you, throwing some shuriken, deflecting, dashing and you’re almost dead. And then what do you do? If you don’t manage to land 49 headshots in half a second you’re done for. So most of the time you need at least two people to take care of him.

Reducing his dash speed would decrease the usefulness of his ultimate while making him a little bit weaker in 1v1 situations and a little bit better to handle.

If you ever played Zenyatta against Genji you know what I mean. Genji would still be better in 1v1 against Zenyatta, but at least Zenyatta would have a chance without having to be a Grandmaster+ player.

I’d put a Moira-like soft lock on the sleep dart and have sleep itself break on 30 points of damage instead of just 1. That should give Ana the survivability break she needs to function as intended. Given that, they can leave the cool downs as is if they want.

I heard this argument before and I know only a particular group of people use it, namely those who welcome the additional 5 shield, but then act like 35 shield is the same as 30 shield. If there is no difference, you don’t have to defend it.

So either you commit to the idea that 5 shield is a positive change for the hero, or you commit to the idea that it doesn’t matter and therefor can be reverted.

  1. Seems like a bit much. Maybe remove the lifesteal bonus?

  2. Sure, why not.

  3. Mercy needs rez somewhere in her kit.

  4. Doomfist doesn’t need a nerf

  5. Genji doesn’t need a nerf

  6. Orisa doesn’t need more health, she is supposed to be protected by her barrier most of the time.

  7. Maybe bump that up to a 25% increase putting it at 15 meters.

  1. Maybe it would be a bit much. But that’s how I’d test what the border is. You make it too powerful first and then you try and adjust it.

  2. I don’t think rez is a good ability. I don’t mean good = powerful.
    The thing is, when trying to create a strategy around a certain team-composition, you’ll factor in the various kits of the heroes. You could for example build a strategy around Hammond’s Piledriver, or Zarya’s bubbles, but you can’t build a strategy around rez. A strategy revolving around a teammate of yours dying is a bad strategy, thus an ability revolving around that mechanic is equally bad, which is why rez will always have a weird spot and be hard to balance right.
    So in my opinion, the ability has to go.

I talked about 4 and 5 in a post before.
Seriously, Genji’s ultimate is easily the most powerful out of all the “group-kill-ultimates” like Riptire or High-Noon. I don’t see how that is balanced.

  1. I actually don’t think Orisa is strong enough right now. I think she’s too situational right now. I want her to be played more.

  2. maybe

Alright so I can give you the Reaper one.

Rez: do this:

Genji: If that is the case then perhaps nerf his ultimate directly.

Orisa: I agree she needs some buffs, but I don’t think health is the way to do it. Faster halt and switch supercharger to provide fortify instead of a damage boost is what I would suggest.

The Mercy post is certainly interesting. I like the Pacify ability.
Although making Ressurect an ult, again, isn’t going to fix the problem imo.

Orisa: Interesting ideas. I’d love to see those.