If i made an account to only play torb


Brother/sister, just play Torb on your normal account.


I made an account to primarily play Hammond, you do whatever you want with your accounts and no one can really stop you, if you like torb then play torb :slightly_smiling_face:


You can’t spell ‘Community’ without a ‘U’.

Get it?


You would get mass reported and banned…

I dont really need to say anything


This. With private profiles this should not be an issue at all…


Sammy was low
Just watching the show
Over and over again
Knew it was time
He’d made up his mind
To leave his dead life behind
His boss said to him
“Boy you’d better begin
To get those crazy notions right out of your head
Sammy who do you think that you are
You should’ve been sweeping up the Emerald bar”

Spread your wings and fly away
Fly away far away
Spread your little wings and fly away
Fly away far away
Pull yourself together
'Cause you know you should do better
That’s because you’re a free man

TL;DR Do your thing and bring your own personal magic to the game and NEVER listen to the haters


This is why I hate this games community and slowly came to a stop in playing it. “TEAM” based game played by incredibly selfish players that have no intention in playing as a team.


Why do people that want to 1 trick always choose the worst characters to 1 trick?


Its not against the rules. But that wont stop people from rightfully avoiding you so much you cant find a match either.


As long as you’re trying your best to win and not be toxic, go for it. Specializing in a hero can be better than playing 10 ish heroes mediocrily.

Most 1 tricks follow the rule that if they’re unwilling to switch they shouldn’t ask others to switch either. Remember that


You’ll be praised, heralded a hero. For not being a shill that makes an alt account just to play heathens like Hanzo, Genji or Widow.

But you could just use your main account, since private profile is a thing. Just a thought

So long as your nice, play well with your team and are determined to win. I’d be ok with whatever you play and so will others.


I think i’m in love with you :sob:


As long as you give your best it wouldn’t be a problem.

Also depends on the Level you are playing. Afaik, Diamond and above they will indeed shame you wen torb get’s countered hard.

But i am just a gold scrub, and if you play torb good here, you can contribute a lot and do well :slight_smile:


Yes. And please don’t add to the issue.


I am so disappointed in you…

Haters? Anger usually has a reason behind it.

Think about it. Is there really just nothing but haters for half of the playerbase?

Think about it.


No one notices the meta onetricks.

Source: I’ve done it a few times


Against the rules or not, people are still gonna mass report you and you’ll get banned lol.

So enjoy thy ban.


Personally, I love having the dwarf on my team. Overwatch can be a disorganised, manic place; the turret and the threat of overload can mean a guaranteed safe-zone to play around, especially when playing Ana or soldier. He’s a blast to have around. Go for it!


Yes, I would “shame” you. Not for playing Torbjorn, because I don’t have anything against any of the heroes on my team. I’d do that because it’s a team game and there’s no reason for five people to give their best while one person isn’t willing to switch when things aren’t working properly.

Just tonight I played with a Genji-only player who pridefully admitted he’d be throwing because someone else played Genji in our team. And no, he didn’t ask that person to switch or anything like that. Just kept on repeating for the whole duration of the match that he’s throwing, because he doesn’t care about this game, since he can’t play Genji.

So sure, I hope you have fun playing only Torbjorn. I also hope that people on your team will have fun with you always playing Torbjorn, and while this is possible, there are just moments in which you should switch for the sake of being fair towards your teammates that enable you to play this hero.
Also, just a small thought: if you do that, don’t complain or be upset when no one on your team wants to play a tank or a healer. It’s a very similar story.


I prefer “There’s no I in a team, but there’s definitely a ‘U’ in c**t.”

It’s brilliant. /s