If D.va is so OP

Being able to feel the nerf isn’t the same as having the hero’s viability affected.

I could feel the change to Zenyatta’s right click when it had it’s nerf 10 or so months ago, it doesn’t mean his viability was affected, in D.Va’s case it just means you need to be more particular about what should be matrixed.

Same reason why matrix should not be nerfed any more, despite loads of people still shouting for dva nerfs. Rein doesn’t need to be particular about what is he shielding, current zarya barely needs to think what she’s bubbling as long as the person is being shot, orisa is still spamming her shield whenever possible.

Loads of aspects of dva have been nerfed to barely viable, yet people still claim dva can delete any hero with her 126dps 8 second cd micromissiles that miss targets due to their projectile nature and how all of their ultis got munched by dva, which doesn’t happen even in owl and then demand more and more nerfs.

If dva really needs to be very particular about what she’s matrixing, more nerfs truly means killing the ability off or making it far too difficult to use without gaining enough benefits from using it. She doesn’t deserve for matrix to be killed off because people hate her so much for doing what tank is supposed to do.


D.va isnt OP she is more versatile in movement.High ground advantage ,great escapes…etc.Now i dont agree on the mech call after a ultimate though.That should be regen call like if it was destroyed by a player.

A 20% shift downward is not negligible. It’s not a 1-100 scale up there, it’s a 52-56 scale (on the standard error), 1 percentage point is massive.

You cherry pick stats, and can’t even read the ones you do want to bring to the table.

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You can keep saying this but it won’t make it true.

Ladder pickrates should be ignored as a whole, I’ve said this countless times. The forums refuse to put them aside so I’m forced to use them if I want to actually have an argument with someone.

At the end of the day only bad D.Va players who used matrix toggling as a crutch were affected by this change and that is fact, if they don’t want to get better that’s their problem.

Ignoring ladder pickrates is ignoring the whole game.

Symmetra was used in owl, doesn’t mean she’s not weak and barely outdamages a zen. Sombra is used in owl as ulti bot, doesn’t mean sombra is not in a bad spot for the general playerbase.

OWL may be the idealistic version of how people want Overwatch to be played, but it’s not the realistic one of a soloqueuer. And thus is should not be the only thing that matters from balancing point of view. I mean they don’t wanna buff symm or bastion because they feel they’d be too oppressive for low ranks. Doomfist was oppressing ladder players and then he got gutted, he had nothing to do with pro leagues.

Though on the same breath they buff reaper, hoping he will destroy goats in owl. Heh.

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You could also look at stats from Contenders, which is very realistic for the general playerbase to get into.

The general playerbase has either school or work, like me and don’t got time to scrim 6-8 hours a day with 144hz monitors and hardware to match. 80% of the playerbase is playing in bronze-plat dude, they aren’t gonna hit contenders.

So you ignore the pick rates, but you want to bring win rates into it because it suits you. Not only do you bring them in, you deliberately misrepresent them as “barely changed”, which is not even close to true within the standard deviation of those very stats - they’ve actually changed significantly.


I don’t want to bring them in at all, I was replying to someone else who brought winrates up as a point multiple times.

So do many players in Contenders.

Most Contenders teams in AU scrim no more than 2 hours a day to my knowledge, I doubt it’s much different for the other regions (Korea and China are likely the only real exceptions, not certain though)

You don’t need top of the line hardware do to well.

If they try to improve they will improve, with the obvious exception being those with physical disabilities, which I’d assume is a small portion of the playerbase.

People in GM don’t just have some freak genetic that allows them to be better at the game than everyone else, they got there by playing with the goal of improving.

And yet it’s all very unrealistic, otherwise everyone in diamond-gm would be in contenders playing. They certainly have the skill level to do so and probably time, seeing as they need to play in GM to not lose rank. It’s not just 1 person either, it’s 5 other people finding and becoming a team and meshing well. It’s not like casually walking into a smash bros tourney and signing in lol.

I personally know only one person from the slew of high ranked players who even scrims at all. But they don’t play in contenders.

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If sombra is so UP (apparently) why does she swap in for D.VA

oh right, because abilities even for crappy heroes can still make or break a fight and stopping the other teams use of abilities is pretty useful.

Shield (rein) and power output (Zarya). GOATS doesn’t work without these 2.

gamespedia was correct and i just founs where the devs verified it. besides the fact it’s been tested

I will admit that gamepedia was closer to correct I will admit defeat, I’m just not quick to believe gamepedia on something when multiple official sources say otherwise (like he said they put 60/120/180)

Nothing mild about it she is underpowered. The only thing and I mean the only she has had going for her is the fact that metas like beefy mobility alot. But that doesn’t matter am I right? Or the fact that tanks are a super limited in options but hey that doesn’t matter either.

Who says she’s OP?

She is versatile, that’s what makes her viable in most metas

People confuse a hero’s versatility and adaption to meta as being OP.

You’re forgetting the undeniable fact that D.va has always been in the top 5 top tier heroes.

People who don’t understand that category diversity (aka there being less tanks to choose form) means that the higher pick tanks are going to be picked a heck of alot.

You are talking pickrates here

Lack of viable choice, increases pickrate if l am not mistaken.