If Blizzard was an animal

Would they be Sloth ?

Where is Ana fix ? After hanzo rework ( when is hanzo rework, next year ? ) or after torb/Symm rework ( when is torb/symm rework, after hanzo ? ) … don’t tell me after bastion one, cause we know it will not happen soon.

I played Diablo 3 so im used to blizzard doing nothing, but still … blizzard is not a small poor company, so can you speed the tempo a little bit ? I just wanna play with a good ana version before my death.

I know the excuse of " we want to favor the quality " but let face it, your rework often fail anyway so …


What Ana fix are you talking about?

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I think he means how long will it take Ana to get a buff to where she can heal herself without having to use her grenade


Ohh. just give grandma a passive already.

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Alright, so here it goes.

Blizz… sorry, Activision Blizzard is in the MMO state of mind, where it’s enough to push updates every other month or so, classes can stay untouched for a long time before they even consider making changes to them.

I personally think this is the reason right here

Honestly slow changes is what makes me stay away from this game for periods of time. Some things can be slow but when heroes are dumpster tier for a year plus it’s no bueno.

It’s kinda of crazy that when I started this game Ana was one of my favorite characters and a year and change later she’s still pretty bad. Feelsbadman.


^Basically that.

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I don’t think Ana needs “fixing,” though I do think she could use some love.

Thing is, Geoff Goodman said a few weeks back that they don’t want to touch Ana right now:

They fear giving her buffs right now will help fuel this supposed upcoming predicted tank meta they’ve been bringing up. Though I’m half tempted to say they should just give the people want they want and do something good for Ana real soon, seeing as the calls for her to get some attention aren’t even just a recent thing.

They’re too busy adding new problems to fix the existing ones. They make more profit that way.

They are small indie company though.

did you know ana is in the top 10 most picked heroes this week according to overbuff?
did you know that blizzard have said that they annouced the hanzo rework early so we know but it will take at least untill april for him to be ready for testing in the ptr?
did you know the same thing goes for the builders but they reowrk will come even later?

I have wayyyy too many jokes to answer this thread with but all of them would get me suspended