If Ana Fails...Again


OP plays on Console where Ana’s situation is a bit different than it is on PC (Ana is the least picked Support across all tiers and has been for a long time now).

I’m not going to say that Ana is horrible but I don’t see her becoming meta on Console anytime soon.



Am i wrong to assume, if you have ana main, should have a 2nd support running Brig, that way, you can also run Rein for highest synergy, not only can Brig heal ana, but Ana can save Nades for more front line and negating healing, making damage brig and rein swings that more potent.


Yeah that’s all I really hope for is a passive heal. Lucio’s ult instantly became bad because of the ult lost charge rate when pressing your ult. I knew Lucio was going to be affected the hardest and I was right.

Which ended up making his ult unreliable.

Thank you! I don’t know why this guy is trying to make it seem like I want Ana to be OP. I’m just saying I don’t see Ana ever getting a chance and if that chance comes Moira is going to take the spot.

If we ever get in a meta where its Ana/Moira I will be surprised. But I’m getting tired of people thinking that I’m this guy who’s asking for ridiculous request when I’m not.

I just want the bias treatment towards Ana to stop from the devs and the community who’s foolish to be scared of Ana more than Mercy…


No. It does not. Ana’s problems have nothing to do Mercy. In short these are her problems…

  • She is a squishy with no mobility, no shields, no armor and a poor self heal on a 10 second cooldown that can only restore half her health. Forget about finding a healthpack. She moves too slow. She’s a support that needs a support. Her self heal is too weak.
  • She has a dart that is harder to hit anything with than most shots in the game. It can only hit a single target and any trivial damage will break it. As an Oh Sh*t! panic button it is utterly terrible. It’s only really suitable for stationary or extra large targets. She has very poor self-defenses.
  • She has to be pinpoint accurate to hit everything including high mobility heroes dancing around her at near point blank range. Yet nearly every high mobility hero hits harder and have very lax to-hit requirements than her. She needs a dedicated body guard.
  • Every hero in dive hard counters her. Every other hero added to the game is dive. Dive is currently comprised of Winston, D.VA, Tracer, Genji, Doomfist, Sombra and now Hammond. The dive roster can only continue to grow.
  • She is built for long range yet if she strays from the front line she is very likely to die. Too close for comfort. Too far from comfort. She has no ideal range.

So tell me, how is this fair?

So, where’s the Mercy in this equation? No where. If you bat Mercy to hell then you’ll simply just have two-over nerfed support heroes in the game and they’ll both suffer. People will simply go with the lesser of evils and try Moira. Further, if all supports get batted to hell then the meta will take the path of least resistance and change into a ”best defense is a greater offense” meta.

With regard to Ana I fully agree with the OP. No buff, not one, since her great nerf more than a year ago has addressed any of the problems above. They’ve only done a series of Shell games since with the hero and buffed aspects of her that no one thought needed any buffing. As such I’m fully convinced we’ll still be her months from now begging for the same things we’ve been begging for the hero for more than a year now — relief.


Preach! This is exactly what I said in my post and their logic for keeping Ana the same baffles me.

It only gets worse with comments like

I agree its unique but the kit being very strong with her weaknesses contradicts and conflicts with everything.

Then seeing comments like this just makes you lose hope for Ana…

Like its totally clear that Ana is doomed and whatever slight chance she has will be taken away from Moira…

Like seriously what did Ana players do to deserve this treatment?


triple tank Dive vs triple tank Dive i agree whole heartedly. Its still slightly slower than regular dive (the ones i see anyways, they use zarya instead of winston) but if they can get the jump on your ana then ur cut off from a lot of healing and if you lose that first fight its a good chance youll need to swap to counter.

I actually think ana was doing really good in the previous(current?) meta (though mercy was still very dominant) because the moira healing through shield change.

I think the issue is Ana is far too meta dependent and just does not work well in a dive heavy game


The Anas in my games still suck… it’s cool that you buff her ult but she just doesn’t heal enough…

I was out healing my Ana as Brig/Zen in some matches i usually had to swap to Mercy because i noticed Ana players are the Genji players of Healers.

If people see her as off-healer/utility hero she will fit more in the games… but people pick her as main healer to much.


She doesn’t have the sustain. I’m a good Ana player and friends tell me it too and they know it. But they will also say at times to switch because I keep dying or that its hard to keep baby sitting Ana which is true.

So basically when it comes to Ana. Its either you’re not healing because you keep missing.

Or you’re not healing because the enemy realized your skill and constantly keep going for you because you are a free kill.

Captain Amari…second in command…jeez she sure doesn’t feel like it.


This is what i try to tell people tbh, she is much more of an off healer because you end up picking her for her kit and her POTENTIAL healing. fact of the matter unless youre real good and ur in diamond, maybe masters+ and youre hitting all your shots and your teammates know to come back to you her healing output is severely limited. Her thing used to be burst healing but I find Brig does it better for the most part, she just sustains a little better. She should definitely be more utilized for her anti healing than her actual healing and be paired with a mercy or moira.


On Overbuff stats in GM Moira has managed to fall below Ana in win and pick rate, however in the world that’s possible.

I wonder if she’ll take anyone’s place as the game is.


I play Mid-diamond/low Masters depending on what account and the Ana players still struggle to heal and play her as main healer because people have a big Ego and avoid playing Mercy…

If they make Mercy more Mechanical with healing she will be brought down to ana’s level and that should balance things out a bit… I don’t think they should buff her healing to match Mercy and Moria as i think healing in this game is to powerful.


Even if it’s not a passive ability and they make it so pressing F as ana now makes you go into a cast-animation where you start healing yourself would be nice. She needs something to stop wasting nades.


Ana deserves a burst heal for herself at least. One that isn’t on a 10 second cooldown. (I think it might be even longer (I’m talking about Bio-Nade))


Honestly I’m just wondering if people are ignoring that the Mccree, Soldier and Bastion buffs are a direct nerf to Ana. It considerably reduces her safe range, and she’s by that extent way more exposed to damage. In the sniper meta, you could choose a sightline to see your allies without exposing yourself to the enemy dps’s.

Now you could have a good mccree instantly flicking to you from across the point and majorly hurting your health pool. You won’t die for sure, but you clearly will take more damage even from a distance. Ana’s strong point being long range heals, this advantage has been reduced by quite a lot with these new buffs along with the prevalence of Hanzo and Widow.


Oh sh*t! I totally didn’t think about that! Also Mei has no fall off damage so standing still is an easy 150 HP off your health from Mei if its a headshot.

Well time to add this to the list of indirect nerfs for Ana…

F*ck! Now it will be even harder to stay alive. Please Blizzard…


Her inability to heal through shields is pretty bad, I remember that once I was healing our rein then the enemy rein came up to me instead of attacking me he put up his shield and stopped me from healing our rein.


If you want my opinion, they should just give Ana the same passive as she has in Heroes of the Storm, a heal on the damage she inflicts. Not on healing allies, but on damaging enemies. That would force the Ana players to take decisions as to completely dedicate themselves to healing in a teamfight environnement or using enemy tanks as self heal ressources. Not asking for much, even 15hp a shot would be enough.

Ultimately, if they don’t want her to heal or damage through barriers, at least give her some more value when going for damage or kills. I don’t want to give Ana mobility, but I want to get some more value when playing as she was meant to be in the first place, a sniper/healer playstyle. Meaning you should get value by being on the offensive.

Also, I don’t know if this would be OP, but I’d like to see her primary fire be hitscan, every decent Ana player just quickscopes anyway.


It’s funny you say that because I said exactly the same thing in another post besides enemies but on allies because too many support already get heals from hurting enemies so I rather it be allies.

Also I don’t think it will be OP even if it was for allies because its not hard to distract an Ana or keep her from healing. Thing is you can’t change the primary fire because it makes scoping lose a lot of value completely.

I also agree that her not having mobility is fine but not having sustain has to go. It’s holding her back way too much.


Could be on allies as well yeah, but then 15hps would be a tad too much I think. I would need to try that out to judge. But with that kind of change I assume she would work especially well with Offtanks.

Honestly at this point I would even take a slight nerf on the nade to trade for better sustain. Biotic grenade is pretty much the strongest normal ability there is in this game, not counting Mercy’s rez, so I wouldn’t really mind seeing it nerfed and getting some strength elsewhere.