If 6 people group up and throw to a lower rank is it bannable

I have some friends saying they are planning to drop from plat to gold, is it completely bannable, because they’re basically not ruining the opposing teams game and they’re completely fine with it.
I really don’t want them banned, so is it bannable?

Yes because it’s not a player’s true skill level. It doesn’t matter if you give free SR to players. Plus I don’t think your friends will be reported from your games because the opponents would be happy.

I guess i’ll take your word for it.

very bannable

sabotage is sabotage


I take the time to report all 6.

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Also, you have to question why they are throwing to begin with. Most likely to get to a lower rank then destroy people in Bronze, aka. smurfing.


Which is sad because they claim Smurfing is not bannable. >.>

They simply told me they didn’t like plat, so they’re dropping to gold to “mess around”

They have a hard time winning in plat and want easier games in gold, AKA smurfing. Any way you look at it, they are throwing and should be banned.

Throwing in a six stack is also bannable.


The thing is, if they play the game more casually (play heroes they want vs. what is needed), they will likely drop on their own. There’s no reason to intentionally manipulate the system by throwing games and ruining the experience for other people both when throwing and when playing legitimately after losing rank.

doesn’t matter if 1 or 6 players are throwing

they are ruining the game for the enemy team

Report them. I’ve gotten notices that players have been disciplined, so something is happening.

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I played against a 6 stack that did this during last season. Their goal was deranking from Diamond to Bronze. They probably reached it