Idk if I can play ranked anymore

Feels wack but idk how many more games of ranked or ow in general I have in me. I’ve solo qued my way to masters 5 on support and I think Diamond 3 or 4 on dps and the past two weeks have been insane. Idk if I’m unlucky or it’s happened to anyone else but I’ve had a majority of my matches legitimately thrown by someone. Either them hoping in voice and just saying they hate everyone on the team before it even starts or a Lucio just running it down the entire game. Or my most recent game where I had a hog just walk out of spawn and emote. 9 out of 11 games played in the past two days someone has actively thrown.

Very wack because I don’t think there’s another game that gives me the same feeling as this game (in terms of gameplay) but it’s too draining to continue beating my head against a wall. emphasized text


I used to only ever play ranked, now I just speed run challenges in QP and sign off for the day. Nothing really keeps me invested, least of all the whack MMR. I only play to complete the challenges when I’m bored or when I just have that urge to scratch the itch.


yeah the matchmaking is terrible and blizzard doesnt care. and they dont care about throwers cause people still give them money for their trash game


It is not my main game anymore either , I play a little bit in Sunday . There is not sufficent content or attention given to OW2 anymore . The next game in the launcher Call of Duty is getting so much updates and has a healthy playerbase, why have they pushed OW2 to “grey list” , I will never understand .


Often players aren’t throwing, they are just really really bad.


To be fair I would take that being in Master over my situation of being stuck in Bronze for Support (which I main) and knowing I don’t belong there, but cannot get out of it now because of the people I keep being matchmade with.
I’ve just destined myself to a life stuck in Bronze now and that’s it for me until they sort out their matchmaking/rank system.

I also get annoyed because when I finally get a good game where we start attacking and really pushing hard out of the gate, someone leaves on the enemy team and the match gets cancelled then.

Either way though I feel the same as you about the game and I’m just about out of steam with continuing playing the game myself.

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Support is still enjoyable for me, just not as enjoyable as Overwatch 1.

Tank for me has become the least enjoyable role. I don’t know about others, but for me, I much prefered the experience of playing tank in OW1. Sigma, roadhog, wrecking ball, and zarya for me were way more enjoyable back in OW1. Even though I was really motivated to climb on sigma back in Overwatch 1, I haven’t touched the tank role much in Overwatch 2.

DPS role on the other hand has probably benefited the most from 5v5. I’m finding the DPS role to be even more enjoyable than before. I mainly play DPS these days and I very much still enjoy the role.

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Over this season, on every single role I’ve gone 5-5 or 5-6 where every game is roll or stomped.

I feel like even compared to last season where I climbed a lot by playing well, that there is nothing I can do to influence the outcome of games.
Now on each role it’s just been slow managed decline where I stay the same or drop one tier.
Is this balanced? I don’t know but it doesn’t feel engaging.

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the matchmaking sucks but in my experience it’s way worse in QP because it feels like they don’t even try and match you with people of the same skill.

I’m diamond and I regularly get put against a stacked grandmaster challenger team


I played today and we were tryna take point 2 gibralter. I said “lets wait here for our Hog to regroup” The team sat and watched as a Bap tried to peak and kill a Soldier and Cree on the ship. He died. He proceeded to do this for 3 team fights single handedly staggering our team by 2 and a half minutes and our whole team just stood at the group up point and watched. I’ve never seen someone throw a steamroll first point take as hard as this before in my life.

He then had the cheek to blame our HOG about picking Hog into the comp we were playing like he didn’t just throw 3 teamfights singlehandedly.

The best part, this was masters-grand masters.

About same here I only have it in me to finish my 5 wins about every week then maybe some qp in between