Ideas that could help Brigitte not be the new Nerfcy


Please hear me out before you grab your pitchforks. As a support main, it was really refreshing to have another support that could protect your backline, the way Brigitte can, and to some extent, Moira as well. However, I COMPLETELY agree that she was broken for awhile. However, I feel like all of these compounding nerfs on her, specifically to her shield bash (the damage being done down to 5hp), and the armor only lasting for 30 seconds before decaying really puts her in a terrible position. I wonder if they would consider making her armor pack heals permanent armor (with a max of 75 armor) and keeping the rally armor the way it is now? Also bringing back her shield bash to near the full 50 damage it used to deal (I would compromise by saying that this still shouldn’t be able to go through barriers). My reasoning for the permanent armor in her heal packs is that it would force Brigitte to be a little more strategic with how they deploy their armor packs, like do I give it to the Tracer to give her to give her a boost, or use it save a low health ally? I think those little changes could make her a little more viable, without making her overpowered. On the other hand, they could buff her healing a bit more, or make the armor packs give more health and/or buff how much hp inspire restores instead? These are just off the top of my head. What do you guys think?


I’d suggest change Rally completely. As it is now on PTR, it’s a bad Sound Barrier, the unique part was removed, so It now compete directly with Lucio, and it’s worse on every aspect.

One suggestion is make it increase the effectiveness and radius of inspire. No armor involved, and maybe also increase her damage, if it still need some power.


I want to see them revert the previous nerfs that failed to solve the problems that the new changes address.

Let Rally stack up to 150 armor again. The reason it was reduced was to combat the snowball of armor stacking. Now that it doesn’t last forever, reverting it back to 150 would let her give her teammates more sustain.

Revert the cooldown of Shield Bash back down to 6 seconds. They wanted to maintain the power of her combo and balance it by reducing the frequency of that combo to create a window of counterplay around that strong ability. Now that they bit the bullet and reduced the power, they should bring the cooldown back down so she can provide that peel more consistently