Ideas for reworking Bastion?

So I’ve seen a lot of people talking about wanting a Bastion rework to make him more viable, but I haven’t seen any actual ideas for new abilities or anything that would help him. Anyone have any neat ideas?

There’s like a whole megathread on this.

where @ m8 didn’t see sorry

There are many, i could relay a few if you would like.

Ya need not apologize, We’re pretty vocal, but only really in the thread linked above in the post above this one^^

Any thoughts on what you think are the best suggestions, Chibi? 15k responses is a little daunting, and I imagine you’re probably pretty familiar with the stuff people bring up more often.

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Hmm… That is a very in depth question… And yea, i have read everything that’s happened in that thread as we’ve gone on, and pretty much remember every idea we’ve worked on.

At the base, Bastion’s sentry mode needs it’s damage back.
My personal opinion, which a lot of us also share, is that Bastion’s spread and headshots need to just be fixed.

Spread lowered, and headshots added.

Along with that, many agree on the removal of 100 ammo to both compensate for the raise in skill ceiling, and the increase in damage output.

One of my favorite ideas for Bastion is the Barrier that Only regens when out of sentry mode.

And keep in mind, he also currently lacks an E Ability.

And there really are MANY Ideas.
Namely one of the most talked about is the Tank mode on E Rework concept.

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Bastion is kind of a touchy subject for me, mostly because I find the turret mode + M1 playstyle to be incredibly boring to play as and against. That said, I’ve seen some insane Bastion one tricks (and even played against Kolorblind once), and they all played Bastion in a way that totally blew my mind. It was all about constantly repositioning and setting up flanks, often waiting until the enemy team had committed down a certain path or through a certain choke before unleashing a hail of minigun fire. The results were absolutely devastating, but it took a lot of game sense, map familiarity, awareness, and so forth.

I know it’s not really valid to cite one tricks who devote their time to mastering niche heroes like Bastion, but it made me think that he might be more viable if people were a bit more creative when playing him.

My worry is that buffing him just because he’s a niche hero might result in an increase in the turret form + M1 playstyle, which I personally believe is incredibly dull from a gameplay perspective.

I hope these opinions don’t offend, though! I have nothing but respect for Bastion players, especially after seeing what they’re capable of at the highest level.

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Hmm… I’ll see if i can help you out with the perceived “M1 playstyle” Thing… As i totally understand it, and the Current Bastion actually tries to Reward it… -.- Which is disgusting.

You see… the original release version of Bastion, actually had an Extremely accurate spread, AND Headshots.

This meant, that entering Sentry mode did two things:

  • Took away ALL Mobility. (As it still does)
  • Made the player rely Entirely on aim, map knowledge, and physical ability other than Mobility.

What does that mean?
He would literally enter a mode in which ALL That mattered was your aim.
If you could aim, you could deal damage.

And that’s the beauty of original Bastion.

That, and the balance that was formed around the fact that he was SUPER Dangerous up front, and extremely weakened from behind.
(He has a headshot hitbox on his back, where he obviously cannot protect or see it)

This made countering Bastion quite Fun Actually. As it meant either getting it to turn around, or simply use the map to your advantage…

HE Is what kept “Dive” in check, and what the Tank mains feared above all else.

Not because he could “Sit in one spot and M1” No… His reload is Long and would be easily abused when faced head on like that even with a shield…

Because when he was in the fight, he controlled the area around him as long as the Player was good.

Just like a Mccree or Widowmaker.

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Interesting. I’m not entirely sure I’m on board, though. There seems to be a little contention between saying that current Bastion encourages sentry form + M1 (and that it’s a bad thing), and then suggesting that Bastion have his damage in sentry form buffed with headshots and a tighter spread. Correct me if I’ve misinterpreted this, but wouldn’t such a buff only further encourage a sentry + M1 playstyle?

Even with -100 ammo, Bastion would still have enough ammo for 6.66 (repeating, of course :nerd_face: ) seconds of continuous fire. I’m not sure that would do anything but make Bastion incredibly powerful at melting down targets.

I feel like Bastion will probably require a rework if he’s ever going to be truly viable instead of a niche pick. Everything about his kit makes him so reliant on his team for cover and support. And since so many people see Bastion as a troll pick, they rarely provide that support… and it just becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy where Bastion players have a crappy time and everyone playing with Bastion players do, too.

tl;dr: It’s a tricky situation. Also I just watched a video of Kolorblind’s and my eyes are so confused after staring at a colorblind-setting game of Overwatch for 20 minutes. :face_with_head_bandage:

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