(Idea) Mercy beam to a Zarya beam


You clearly didn’t see the R COmpetive overwatch idea of giving Mercy a wind up mechanic if you think this is the worst idea ever.


you would NEVER drop wow you must be so good at this game! Wow you like to learn things!

Doesn’t change the fact this suggestion is the literal worst balancing suggestion i have ever encountered.

Edit: instead of just saying it’s bad let me elaborate. Adding aim to mercy would do nothing but make it so players with good aim are more separated from those with bad. Would not deal with the fact that rez is on cd and her mobility is good.


This is likely not a good change considering her healing output isn’t why she gets picked a lot. That part of her kit remained constant during her rework, it was resurrect that was changed.

It is illogical to think healing output is the problem.


of all the thinks you could ask for mercy, aiming is like the last thing mercy mains want


Ress wil always be part of her kit. She isnt just picked cuz of her ability to ress believe me… She is also picked cuz of her big consistent heals and ability to boost our hitscan/projectile players. On higher elo, they could even report u if u play ana or moira cuz they complain they dont get enough heals (they dont even speak about the rezz).


Meanwhile in the days of 1.0 this current Ana was picked more then the current Mercy despite Ana being even worse then she is now over all.

Fine logic you got there to prove it’s not just E rez


Ana has always been popular, everyone love to play her rather than Mercy. There was no such thing as pro teams back then caring about the best team comp u could have. U would in general obvioulsy go 2/2/2 but with the heroes ud prefer the most. Ana was at her best when she got launched and when mercy’s ult was this huge ress. She had so much more to give than mercy, and more fun for the majority of supp mains, even tho that huge ress could change a lost teamfight to a win. But lately through the seasons, ppl started to care more about the perfect team comp. Ana became less and less picked cuz of meta changing and her nerfs made her less good. U know the rest of the story i guess. Stats talk for themselves.

But my point is that rezz is obviously a strong reason why mercy is still one of the highest picks but not the ONLY reason. Her consistency and ability to boost is just to good for how comp is nowadays.


Turning Mercy’s beam into a Zarya beam would be so bad not even IMPROVING Rez could save her. The key reason why her beam is so lenient is it allows her to support one teammate, whilst looking to see who else needs help. It’s something she has in common with the rest of the support roster.

Zen can apply a Harmony orb and look around.
Lucio uses AoE instead of targeting, so can look around.
Moira can throw a Biotic Orb and look around.
Brig uses AoE on top of Repair Pack targeting, so can look around.
Even Ana can throw a Biotic Nade and look around.

If you make Mercy’s ONLY form of healing rely on Zarya aim, you kill her.


This is just rude for no reason


And I’m telling you that her consistency wasn’t enough to keep her above water when Anareigned supreme and even when Ana got gutted she still had a higher pickrate in the highest echelons of play then Mercy


Or just revert her back to 1.0, since her healing was never a huge problem to begin with, but the rezzes on cooldown. Also, they’re not going to change it to a zarya beam. In fact, consistent healing is the core of Mercy’s design, so removing that would just add unnecessary clumsiness to her kit, and makes no sense whatsoever.

Not every hero with a beam weapon needs it to work like Zarya’s…


Forcing Mercy to aim to heal would remove her ability to look around and find the next target that needs her beam while she’s healing. No. This would be a terrible idea that would fundamentally cripple her mobile gameplay.

If you want an aim-reliant main healer, we already have Ana. We don’t need another Ana with guardian angel.


Unfortunately this will ruin Mercy’s playstyle as she will not be able to keep herself mobile with Guardian Angel or look around for enemy movements and be a shot-caller. Mercy needs her look-on beams in order to use guardian angel and to look around, those are the things that make Mercy fun to play. If you force her to look at her target while healing then you have turned her into a completely different hero, one that I suspect will be incredibly boring to play for all those who currently enjoy playing Mercy.



Mercy is the quintessential healer of Overwatch. Making her healing unreliable is the wrong way to nerf her.

Remove rez from the game. Then, people choose between reliable healing or healing and damage/utility when picking healers. Right now, even if every other healer out healed Mercy, people would still bring her along for rez. So you’d just have a bunch of sad Mercies.


Or, crazy idea, make her res unreliable and inconsistent. Her ultimate was an excellent implementation of the ability, and restoring resurrect to her ultimate with a new rework could finally make her balanced and more exciting to play.

The Valkyrie rework was a mistake from square one. Decreasing Mercy’s playmaking ability in favor of more consistency is and always will be a terrible idea.


Troll post. When will they learn.


I didn’t realize we were all playing ‘Aiming: The Game’. Here I thought we were playing ‘Multiple skills rewarded: The Game.’


You see though mercy is the go to support for new players, her lack of aim beam was good for those, it’s just the fact that she has been overturned a fair bit. The current nerf I believe will make her better.


NGL Skimmed the post. My idea is similar…ish… Keeping mercy’s beam how it is now in terms of lock on…but having it do weaker healing if mercy isn’t looking at her target, and stronger healing if she is. Depending on how close she has to be looking the numbers could vary.

My bad example : So like 45 hps if mercy’s target is off screen (behind her or w/e), and 65 hps if the target is within a similar hitbox to moira’s damage beam on an enemy.


mercy shouldn’t have to aim with her primary IMO. as a mercy main with good aim, aiming isnt the issue with her. mercy’s playstyle literally relies on you being able to dodge rapidly while healing your team, calling out things behind you, etc etc. locking yourself in one direction isn’t good for her flow at all.