Idea for Brigitte

Brigittes inspire passive: We know Brigitte has to deal damage in order to heal, but I feel the inspire ability is not visible enough on screen, not even for the Brigitte player. I’ve heard of new players actually thinking that Brigs only heal is the three armor packs! Secondly, a “thanks for the heals” rarely goes to Brig over the second healer…
And the range of inspire is to me a bit of a mystery. We don’t want more clutter than necessary on-screen, but when I think of Lucios ground-Halo, I find it completely useful.

The idea: what if Brigitte had a similar ground-Halo around her, with the first smack it grows to full size immediately showing the range. when she stops smacking, the Halo shrinks until it goes away. This way, everyone is reminded they need to be close for heals, Brigittes healing is actually showing, and the range mystery is solved.

What do you think?


Absolutely Amazing Dude


I gotta say I do find the idea appealing, but not quite how you’ve put it.

I’d like her to just have the lowest passive heal going which power creeps with damage done.

i.e. All health she “takes” from enemies is pooled into a charger (somewhat like Moira I suppose) and it drains over time to distribute it to other heroes in her AoE.

So, yea, I’d take your halo thing and just tweak it to this as well. I’ve never liked a dps/healer hybrid (it took me a LONG time to get used to Moira) but if done this way I could see it being better, since she will still be able to do her job even when not at the direct front.

I would love this as a Brig main. I never know if my inspire is actually healing people or if I need to re-proc it


She already has something like that, where an aura radiates from her every time she hits an enemy. A poorly-understood part of Brig’s inspire is that it doesn’t work like Lúcio’s aura, it works like his sound barrier or like EMP. A better way to phrase the ability is “when Brigitte hits an enemy, all nearby allies in line of sight are inspired for 6 seconds.” Basically, let’s say you proc inspire when 3 allies are around you, and then 3 seconds later 2 more allies move nearby. Only the 3 allies nearby when you triggered the ability get healed, but they will continue to receive the healing for the full 6 seconds even if they move away or you die. In the same way that when sound barrier goes off, only the people in range and LOS get it, and even if you move next to Lúcio later before the ability expires, you won’t get one. So having an aura that persists just adds to that confusion. What’s better is what she has now, where only the cast of the ability is indicated


Ok, but what is then the cooldown of inspire? at what point in time does the 2 extra teammates after the 3 in your example get healing? -and I must argue, it’s not exclusively line of sight. easily noticed if you play widow, you need to be somewhat in range as well.

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They need to have a similar UI graphic like Ball’s Adaptive Shield/Lucio’s Aura. To show allies in range and there needs to be another graphic on the allies UI to show they are being healed by Inspire.

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I really like this idea. It would help people know if they are in range of her heals or not.

i wholeheartedly agree my man!
brig seems to be far too weak on her own, and detailing this for your teamates would really help them stay closer! often do i get left in the dust when the team falls back, and this might counteract that

Its a one second cooldown between inspire proc’s. There is a sound effect and a aura visual.

The cooldown is 1 second. Basically, when inspire is triggered, after 1 second the next hit will trigger it again. And yeah, it does have a range limit too

curious, do you know what that range limit is? is it specified somewhere?

Inspire’s range is 20 Meters

I’d love to have that or the counter Lucio has so I know how many are affected by my inspire. Sometimes, when your wailing away, you can’t see the heal effect or who is being affected due to both visual clutter and the heat of battle.

That’s a really cool design change. I would like to see her ult changed too, it feels like the most underwhelming ult in the game besides widow makers…

tested in practice range, it seems 25-28 meters I still heal the bots

Make sure to wait 6 seconds!

hm? I never heard of any ability cooldown of 6 seconds with brig… what are you referring to?

Its because Inspire lasts for 6 seconds! Wait it out to make sure the same bots are recieving healing!

aha, thx!! but yes, it still seems it’s more than 25 meters, going by the ground markings in practice range!