I wonder if the devs have noticed titaniums post

Ya know considering its the top post on the forums mayby they have, it would be cool if they did

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Oh it’s that time of the week again? What you all went on discord and decided to spam the forums again? It’s getting boring. Nobody even bothers reading the Mercy posts anymore.

I’m pretty sure the discord is mostly used for other things than that. Latley people have been growling up for Lucioball.

Please dont assume what happens in the discord.


Uh what?

I mean titaniums and many others posts prove this wrong

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A non-constructive or troll post when I see one. Flagged.

It would be nice but sadly I think, like some of the other neglected heroes, that the mentioned post won’t have even been read by them.


Hi almostward and yeah I dont remember any spam the forum kind of announcement on the discord

:frowning: upsetting but most likely true

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What the posts where Mercy mains and their alt account post and repost the same ideas over and over again? The ones where if you do not agree you get flamed, targeted and harassed? Yeah i bet people love to come and post in there and get 312321 replies all with insults in them. No wonder why mods lock them faster than they pop out.

I’m sorry I dont remember any mercy threads being locked since the mass flags of the megathread :slight_smile:

Then you don’t remember correctly.

Or mayby your just trying to argue something that isnt true


Ridiculous claim.

Vice versa. We literally get called cultists.

Are you just going to continue spewing nonsense?

Titanium’s Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State is the most liked post of all time on the forums and hasn’t had any mod locks at all. :smirk:


Sure. I will just go on and ignore yet another mercy post from now on. Have fun talking between yourselves from your alts.

Have fun trolling I guess


Guys, just ignore the troll. :slight_smile: