I wonder how Torbjorn sleeps with that mechanical arm at night


Yup, exactly! :slight_smile:


He squeezes a pillow into the claw.


They are canon. They are Archive event skins. The only event skins that are lore based come from that event.
It is before and after.
Ironclad = before he lost his arm
Chief engineer = after he lost arm


More than likely he just removes it, like if/ when junkrat sleeps he probably takes his arm&leg off


He just doesn’t sleep.

(Michael Chu) #14

He has different arm attachments, the claw one being the one he uses primarily while engineering (and on the battlefield).

Remember when the devs posted here?

Does he have a Spatula one when he cooks? Bork Bork.


Well I suppose that sorta explains why he told Ingrid “Don’t worry, you won’t even be able to tell my new arm from my old one!” then proceeded to make a literal monster claw.


How is a claw more useful then a hand for engineering😂

I’ll let it slide though because torb wouldn’t feel the same without his claw hand.


The clawwwwww!

All hail torb’s claw.


Pillow claw torb is my new headcanon


Interesting ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)

i mean, he could take Doomfists gauntlet too, right? :sunglasses:


Finally, we get some lore :wink:


Is that… lore?


I will always remember this masterpiece made with Silicon Graphics workstations (probably with Indigo2)


Ooooh! we got michael Chu itself here! woo!


Do i smell???


It’s not new lore. We already knew he had a normal arm in the Christmas comic waaaay back.


The claw carries lava! Have you seen how he reloads his gun?


Stop ruining our fun!
We are starved of lore!